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Cosa succede??

–Yolay Caprese

Yolay Caprese is a side character in Dog Man and Cat Kid and Dog Man: Brawl of the Wild. She is called "The World's Greatest Actress" in the book Dog Man and Cat Kid. She is Italian, and speaks some Italian and English in the books.

She is friends with Dog Man, and was supposed to be guarded by him in Dog Man and Cat Kid, but Dog Man was banned from the set, and quickly after Yolay was kidnapped by Petey but freed by Lil' Petey, Dog Man and the rest of his friends. Also, she was supposed to play Sarah Hatoff in the Dog Man Movie, though Yolay is Italian and Sarah is Australian.

In Dog Man: Brawl of the Wild, Yolay helps Sarah and Zuzu unmask Dog Man's impostor responsible for robbing the bank and costume shop and framing Dog Man at the same time, which caused Dog Man to go to jail. They discover that the impostor was Petey's robot from book 5 controlled by the F.L.E.A.S. During their chase, Yolay and the others reunite with the freed Dog Man and Chief and all of them work together to stop Claymation Philly, who was brought to life by the F.L.E.A.S., from destroying the city.


Yolay is generally friendly towards people when she is in a good mood. For example, she immediately got along with Dog Man and is friends. She is also loyal to her friends, because she defended Dog Man when he was being yelled at.

However, she can, in rare occasions, be aggressive, particularly when she is under pressure. For example, she beat up Booger Breath just because he talked back to her when she called him, "Booger Breath".