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Vandal hater

"Stop, Thief!" — Officer Knight
This user wants to stop spammers and vandals.

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"Duh, hi! I'm Theunkown55! Let's be friends!" — Daryl the Moth
This user is friendly and wants to befriend you.

just same guy who is a fan of many fandoms, call me unknown

Comic Squad- Lunch- Dog Man.png This user is an ultrafan of Dog Man, so much or even more than Grasserina!
Grassy Defender.png This user is a defender of Grasserina. She did not deserve to have 99.9% of all her discussions posts deleted. This user will riot in the streets until Grassy is fully remembered. (she's back now...)
Cat Kid Cover.jpg This user loves Cat Kid Comic Club.
Petey Close Up 2(test).png This user's favorite Dog Man character is Petey.
Dog man 2.jpg This user is a lover of Dog Man.
LilPeteyFetch-22.png This user is Li'l Petey.