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To Highway: you can't make me evil.



Petey (everyone)

The Original Petey The Cat! (my username)



Pete (By Ghffuwg)

Petester (By Grasserina)

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"Hey, ... look up." - Petey
This user will make you happy when you feel down.

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Raine Villanueva

The Original Lil Petey

The Original Dog Man

I like Dog Man!


UNDP (Unfortunatly not dav pilkey)


Grasserina The Tesla Girl!






My Story

My story starts on December 2020 i was looking through other wikis than i searched up Cat Kid Comic Club on Google and than it showed me some imagoes but it turns out that it took me to the CKCC page on this wiki after that i saw that people were active here thankfully i was old enough to join and made the account DavidJacobo1522a than on January 15 i confirmed my email to continue so i could chat and stuff than i didn't like my name so i searched up how to change it after i changed it to The Original Petey The Cat! because my favorite Dog Man Character is Petey and so from than i made some outstanding friends my first ever friend on here was a user that goes by the name Ghffuwg we had a really good friendship but from January to April we were having fun and stuff than on May he closed his main account and got other ones that he also closed the main one he uses right now is Ghffuwg2 anyways i made more amazing friends and had a blast but sometime there would be fights which made us split apart but apparently we forgave each other and to this day we all love one another we are all family here everyone is Awesome and cool.

About Me

I love Dog Man.

I love Gaming, reading, writing, and doing parkour,

I am friendly.

I own every Dog Man, book.

I love to Draw.

I am good at get all As in spanish class (Lol)

I like the Avengers from Marvel and the Flash from DC.

I like watching Netflix, HBO MAX, Hulu and Disney +

I love my friends here and my family.

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