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Hi. Click to enter the TOTALLY ORIGINAL Dog Man's page! IS MY FAVOURITE SONG Yeah! Thanks to Grasserina for making this!
My YouTube channel is cool

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"Hey Papa, do you wanna hear a joke?"- Li'l Petey

This user loves making up jokes.

This user is Dog Man
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I love Dog Man!

–From me, to YOU!

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I'm a dog man mega fan!


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"Hey, ... look up." - Petey
This user will make you happy when you feel down.

Reason: I make people happy, for example, when someone gets an book lost, I buy the same book and give it to that person.
Note: Hi, I'm stick861.
Another note: I love being nice, and making people happy.
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yeaMy Profile =


Hi, I'm Stick861, and I am a huge fan of Dog Man, I think I am the biggest Dog Man fan of all. I have read all the Dog Man books in the series, and I am looking forward to read Dog Man: Mothering Heights. Honestly, I think the main reason I like Dog Man is because of the story and the characters with the action! So cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I don't like hackers, I really hate them. I really want you to make the community a better place! The hackers should be banned, trust me, I will immediately report them. {"But supa is used for comedic effect! It is misspelled intentionally!"

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Vandal hater

"Stop, Thief!" — Officer Knight
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My roblox account... this is how I started on Roblox:

The Life Of Stick861

  • The life of stick861 began in 2018. He was just a normal roblox player. He always used the ROBLOX app on the laptop... what he didn't know... is that he has had very good school friends... He friended his trusty sidekick (oscarplier2) and they just played normally. ( Then he finally knew how to play roblox on the website.) One day in 2020... he got robux! Do you want to know how? HIS FRIEND! He hacked into his account and let his father pay for robux. The next day... HE WAS SO HAPPY! He thanked his friend so much but he couldn't give anything to express how much he was happy. Then... he found out ROBLOX STUDIO! You could MAKE the games. first he made a game that was boring.... the name was... DRUM ROLLL

The City To Hangout And Do Anything (dont be bad!)

Yep... thats boring.

He made other games like: The worst piggy roleplay ever made! :) Plz play!!!

But... one other day he made a game called piggy city. Your probably gonna be like: piggy city?? What is this? A city full of pigs? NO... there's a game on roblox which he loves, and there's chapters. One is city. Stick861 decided to replicate that and make it JUST the city. So he made it. Then... ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE PLAYED THE GAME. He got TEN robux out of it!!! (It's not that much lol but he was happy) Ever since.. he felt like he was popular. One of those random people that nearly everyone knows. [1] Stick861's link is behind this sentence.

Favourite Dog Man songs

  • I'm back
  • Happy song
  • Dog Man is go!
  • Robo- Dance Party

Favourite Dog Man books rated 1-10 (UPDATED!)

  1. Dog Man: Lord Of The Fleas
  2. Dog Man: Mothering Heights
  3. Dog Man: and Cat Kid
  4. Dog Man: Fetch- 22
  5. Dog Man: Brawl of the Wild
  6. Dog Man: For whom the Ball rolls
  7. Dog Man: Unleashed
  8. Dog Man
  9. Dog Man: Grime and Punishment
  10. Dog Man: A Tale of two kitties

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I like Dog Man!

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More updates coming to my profile soon!


This is the upcoming Dog Man book.

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