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Disclaimer: This user gets excited about a certain topic that they like at times. Don't mind if you see them acting weird or hyperactive about said topic.
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"Duh, hi! I'm MinuspolaMelatonin! Let's be friends!" β€” Daryl the Moth
This user is friendly and wants to befriend you.

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Vandal hater

"Stop, Thief!" β€” Officer Knight
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Like Grasserina, only better. (even though I am Grasserina.)

Hi I like new wave, IDM, ambient, rock, drone, and other stuff. I have all of the Dog Man and Cat Kid Comic Club books as of now. I also love collecting CDs. Oval and Fennesz need more love.

Acceptable Nicknames

  • Grasserina
  • Grassy
  • Grasp-a-Pina
  • Dirterina
  • Treenerian
  • Editerina
  • Sanderina
  • Queen of Grass
  • Queen of Green (why did I not think of this before?)
  • Pluk
  • Mecano
  • Eigengrau
  • Minuspola
  • Melatonin
  • Cryo
  • Grassette (kind of like "cassette"...)
  • Tonin
  • RΙ‡plica (You don't have to type the E with the slash through it if you don't know how to. You can just copy and paste it.)

Unacceptable Nicknames

  • Bruherina
  • That girl who likes (something I hate)
  • Any swear/slur
    • If you call me any one of these nicknames, I will ban you for a day!

Facts About Myself

  • Like Andy, I also have autism.
  • I'm a HUGE technology freak. That's why I love to draw so many robots.
  • I began using Fandom in 2017.

Anagrams of my Aliases

  • Fan of Grassy:
    • Fog Rays Fans
  • Grasserina:
    • I Snare Rags
    • Sear Grains
  • MinuspolaMelatonin:
    • Unsolemn Ampliation
    • Manipulation Lemons
    • Alumina Lime Nonstop

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α–α‡α‘’α•«α•€α—›π–’‹π–’Œπ–’π–’Žπ–’π–’π–’‘π–’’π–’“π–’”π–’•π–’–π–’—π–’˜π–’™π–’šπ–’›π–’œπ–’π–’žπ–’Ÿπ–’ π–’‘π–’’π–’£π–’€π–’₯π–’¦π–’§π–’¨π–’©π–’ͺπ–’«π’«π’‡π’€°π’…„π’†™π’ˆπ’ˆ™π’ŠΉπ’“Όπ’“’βˆ€α³€α³„Ζ•


More stuff coming soon!

Contributions and posts from my old account (will be missed dearly): Special:Contributions/Anonymous 621683ba46e1b2.14567190