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Crimson's life:

Crimson used to live with an old man. When the old man died he got transferred to animal centres and got abused a lot. Finally he reached me and my parents. Right away he saw his cage and flew to the cage. It seemed like he was locked up in a cage all the time. My dad put Crimson on the table and gave him a mango and a French Frie. He ate it up and went for a nap with my parents. He took a half an hour nap. A few weeks later he made good progress. He liked to be around me more and my mom too. He liked to eat at the table with my family. On friday night he was showing me how pretty he was! It was so cute! The next morning he died. I was crying almost all day.

Crimson's replacement (maybe):

Crimson's replacement might be Flutter because his face looks like a cute conure like how Crimson had a cute conure face!

Bird Updates:

Day 1: Crimson was welcomed to his new home after struggling from his past!

Day 2: Crimson was making good progress...

Day 3: Crimson started eating a lot!

Day 4: Crimson started to like my family...

Day 5: Crimson learned to dance!

Day 6: Crimson got new toys!

Day 7: Crimson ate Chicken Curry for the first time!

Day 8: Nothing happened on this day...

Moving on to 1 month...

Day 9: Crimson learned to dab (That's what it looked like)!

Day 10: Crimson started to trust my family!

Day 11: I got two Cockatiels! Chirp and Dale

Day 12: Crimson died!

Day 13: The Cockatiels liked my family!

Moving on to another month...

Day 14: I got a Lovebird! Mango is his name!

Day 15: Mango tries to bite me! So depressed...


Day 17: Nothing happened!

Moving on to another month...

Day 18: I got a Pineapple conure! His name is Flutter!

Day 19: Flutter flew on my head and I petted him all day! I would chat on Fandom and pet him!


Day 21: Nothing happened

Moving on to a few weeks...

Day 22: I got another Lovebird! His name is Speckles!

Day 23: Flutter and Speckles became best friends!

Day 24: Chirp got injured!

Day 25: Speckles danced right in front of me while I was watching Beat Shazam! It was so funny!

Day 26: Mango and Speckles are put for sale. Once they're gone they'll be missed! :"(

Day 27: Chirp got sent to the hospital.

Day 28: Flutter and Dale became best friends!

Day 29: Speckles has been taken to his new owner.

Day 30: Mango has been taken to his new owner.

Day 31: Chirp flew around and didn't crash for the first time!!!

More is coming! Wait for tomorrow's updates! If updates are not coming in by the next day please wait. Thank you for your patience.

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