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Hello! welcome to my page!

About Me

I first read Dog Man in 2018. I was a Halo Fan and dont play Halo on Xbox anymore. I joined Dog Man in May 2021.

for I like Dog Man!:

im sorry that crimson died, srry for ur loss :(.


and others!


  • vandals,
  • sock puppets, and
  • hackers.

good nicknames

  • halogamer25 (my username)
  • halo (lots of ppl call me that),
  • halo lover(mentioned in a blue box),
  • king of halo,
  • friend of grassy,
  • dog man fan,
  • Shapeshifter.

bad nicknames

any swear word on my name/nasty thing at me

  • Halo hater,
  • Halohater25
  • Dumb Shapeshifter.

if u call me any of that, i will ban u for a week!!!!

something funny by Pedram Fallah.

the end

the end thank u for seeing!!!!

Petey and Li'l Petey noticing the stars.jpg

"Hey, ... look up." - Petey
This user will make you happy when you feel down.

Reason: I am an admin and will block vandals
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Vandal hater

"Stop, Thief!" — Officer Knight
This user wants to stop spammers and vandals.

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"Duh, hi! I'm Halogamer25! Let's be friends!" — Daryl the Moth
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