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"Duh, hi! I'm Grasserina! Let's be friends!" — Daryl the Moth
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About me.

I'm Grasserina, who's a huge fan of the BFB webshow and the Dog Man books. I am also considered the "cleaning maid" of the wiki. I may also travel across other dimensions, er... wikis.

Here are a few music genres I like. I am a user who...

  • Absolutely loves new wave music and digs synth-pop
  • Has an undying appreciation for Neue Deutsche Welle music
  • More-than-enjoys glitch music
  • Favors experimental music
  • Likes the sound of many electronic music genres
  • Approves of rock, and its many sub-genres

Call me Grassy for short. Oh, and here's some more names you can (or can't) call me!

Acceptable Nicknames

  • Grasserina (duh, it's my username.)
  • Grassy (already mentioned above.)
  • Verda
  • GraspAPiña
  • Glassera
  • Dirterina
  • Grassette
  • Editerina
  • Treenerian
  • Queen of Grass
  • Lawngirl
  • Sanderina
  • Rosemaid
  • Grasserina the Tesla Girl
  • Terra
  • Gaia
  • Mecano
  • Eigengrau

Unacceptable Nicknames

  • Bruherina
  • That girl who loves (something I hate)
  • Any swear word or racial slur
    • ☢ If you call me any one of these nicknames, I will ban you for a day! ☢

Please respect my opinions, as I love the Dog Man books, and I am getting the next book when it comes out.

Favorite BFB Characters?: Grassy (1st), Remote (2nd), Naily (3rd)

If you spot somebody breaking the rules, notify me on my message wall!

If you want to request templates as well, feel free!

And here's my Youtube channel:

Fan art!

Smol Announcie

I am currently working on galleries! If, by any chance, the galleries get too big, message me when it's time to make gallery pages. --Hers Truly the Grass Goddess


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Artists I recommend

Of course, these are just my three top picks, but once you get into the extensive world of synth-pop, you'll know what I mean! And here is my music playlist containing all sorts of post-punk things.

I also like glitch music and IDM, too!

If you like progressive rock, these albums are for you.

  • [1]
  • [2]
  • [3] < Okay, maybe this one is more "progressive ambient synth"...

Sylv Appreciation Gallery

Good Songs (will be updated daily, or whenever I feel like adding new songs)