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Sarah Hatoff (aka Purse Lady) is a supporting character in the series. She is an Australian news reporter who appears in all ten Dog Man books. She is considered the world's best reporter. She is Zuzu's owner as of Dog Man Unleashed. She is friends with Dog Man, Lil' Petey, Chief, and Yolay Caprese. Sarah Hatoff is also a great reporter on the News channel. At the end in Brawl of the Wild, For Whom The Ball Rolls, and Fetch-22, there is a news blog that has all the stuff she found out that was now sent to everyone’s mobile phones. It is unknown why it doesn't appear post-Grime and Punishment. Sarah is also brave and loyal and has a good heart, and she is always willing to help her friends. She likes her job, fight crime, and do karate as shown that Sarah attacks crud (grampa). She is portrayed by Yolay Caprese in The Dog-Man.

Official Description (Can be found in Mothering Heights)

An investigative journalist/blogger who fights injustice wherever it lurks. She's an immigrant from Australia and has a pet poodle.

STRENGTH: Bravery & Brains

WEAKNESS: Impatience

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Sarah has wavy reddish-brown hair, a lighter red jacket, bright purple shoes, and is always seen with her lavender purse, often used to carry her pet poodle, Zuzu.


Dog Man

Hatoff makes her debut as a minor character (just for book 1).

She appears as a news reporter in Chapter Four of the first book. She does a news video about Petey trapping all of the dogs in the city and trying to crush them with his Mutt-Masher 2000. She ends up saying, "How could things get any worse?", to which upon saying this the weenies' leader replies, "I'll tell you how!"

Dog Man Unleashed

Sarah first appears in the second book entering Penelope's Pets to buy Zuzu. She later investigates The Mysterious Stranger's robbery of plastic treasure chests, and a main character in the book. She later accompanies Chief and Dog Man to stop Flippy.


  • Sarah is named after Sarah Hatton, Dav Pilkey's friend from Australia.[1]
  • Her birthday is on December 26.
  • In Dog Man and Cat Kid, it's revealed she is an Australian.
  • Yolay Caprese plays Sarah Hatoff in both fictional Dog Man movies (the scrapped version and Claymation).
  • In Fetch-22, she appears to be a bit angry at Dog Man and Chief at the beginning of the final fight.
  • Sarah seems to understand Dog Man at times.
  • She only made brief cameos in Dog Man: The Musical.
  • She seems to break the fourth wall a lot, especially through the television.
  • At the end of CKCC2 it shows that she will be in CKCC3.