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Petey and Son (formerly known as Petey’s Secret Lab) is where Petey and Li’l Petey do their experiments and, formerly, evil plots. Pretty much, Petey's Secret Lab is a lab that Petey lives in. In Dog Man: Grime and Punishment, it has 3 cracks and a broken door because of 80-HD not knowing how to use the door. It is also known that there are many secret rooms in this laboratory which are mentioned by Petey at the end of Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls. In Mothering Heights, 80-HD fixed three cracks in the building, as well as the door before the lab is destroyed by the Sippy Cups. It could be repaired in the 11th book.


  • Dog Man
  • Dog Man: Unleashed Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties
  • Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls
  • Dog Man: Fetch-22
  • Dog Man: Grime and Punishment
  • Dog Man: Mothering Heights
  • Dog Man 11



  • In Dog Man Fetch-22, it shows Petey and Li'l Petey talking about Grampa while fixing the sign.
    • This comes to show if Petey didn't tell Li'l Petey why they had to fix the board, Petey's Father wouldn't have come to mind, and he would've stayed in jail.