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Who taught you how to cook?

–To Petey, in Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Roll

Petey's Father (better known as Grampa or Crud) is the main antagonist of Dog Man: Grime and Punishment, the secondary antagonist of Dog Man: Mothering Heights, and the overarching antagonist of the whole series since Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls. He is the father of Petey, as well as the grandfather of Li'l Petey.

Official Description (can be found in Mothering Heights only)

Petey's dad. He's a selfish, egotistical meanie who currently resides in Cat Jail. Petey and Li’l Petey no longer associate with him.

STRENGTH: Intelligence

WEAKNESS: Arrogance

Description from Mothering Heights


Grampa has a ginger striped body with a complete tail, unlike Petey. He has 6 whiskers (he pulled one off in Dog Man: Fetch-22 when he switched places with his son, which he now has 5), and stubble from a shaved beard, to show his age and distinguish him from his son. He also wears a pair of round glasses.


Grampa is an evil, selfish, arrogant, careless, and irresponsible father, having no love for Petey whatsoever. He is also shown to be incredibly rude to his grandson when he refused to hear Lil' Petey's life story of meeting Flippy. Also he is reckless, immature, and does not show respect for others and their belongings.


Before Dog Man

Not a lot is known about Petey's father he was probably good in the past. When Petey was a kitten, he was abusive towards him, seeing as he described young Petey as a "crybaby" when he met him again as an adult. He abandoned Petey's mother, who was sick and later died, which left Petey an orphan. Grampa knows how Petey's tail became flat, but that information has not been revealed.

For Whom the Ball Rolls

He was invited to breakfast by Lil' Petey and his friend, much to Petey's dismay. He said to Petey that he "had a nice place" before proceeding to break the dishes, saying it was Petey's fault they got broken. Later, when his son & grandson leave, he took all their stuff. He was later caught and taken to jail.


Lil' Petey and Petey visit Grampa when he uses sleeping gas to put them to sleep. Not long after, he disguised as Petey, and making Petey look like Grampa (which also means that he twigged off one of his whiskers, so he has 2 opposed to 3 like Petey now)and kidnappes lil petey and leves him in a garbege bin . Later in the book, he tried to help the Fair Fairy take over the world, just before Zuzu spilled the potion to make Molly's siblings back to normal. Of course, he got caught and was sent to jail following the Fair Fairy.

Grime and Punishment


He invents the Motor Brain. Big Jim sings Itsy Bitsy Spider, which Grampa finds annoying and yells at him. Big Jim starts crying. Then Grampa says he needs his help to test the Motorbrain. Big Jim tests it and becomes Snug. Grampa wears it and turns into Crud. Later Crud is caught in a trap set by Dog Man. However, he manages to escape. After that, he makes a lunch bag monster called Munchy and tries to take over the world. Later on, Petey forgives and stops hating him, which Grandpa finds confusing and annoying. He throws the Motorbrain but it was found by Big Jim who puts it on to become Snug again and chases Grampa. The Motor Brain may be destroyed, but it is unknown if it is.


  • He could potentially be the reason Petey's tail became flat, judging by his abusive nature and his knowledge on how it became flat. However, this is uncertain.
  • Lil' Petey gave him a chance to be good, but he rejected him, only shouting "WHO ASKED YOU?!!?"
  • When he says, "CRUD SMASH!", it's a reference to the Incredible Hulk's famous catchphrase "HULK SMASH!".


Most of Grampa's enemies are the Supa Buddies and their friends, but these mostly include:



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