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–Petey, when he gets arrested.


–Petey's Supervillain Laugh.

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Petey is the former main antagonist and a major supporting character of the Dog Man series. His first appearance was seen in Super Diaper Baby 2: The Invasion of the Potty Snatchers which was declared canon in Dog Man: Mothering Heights. Petey's original status as the main antagonist of the series was changed after his series of heroic acts in Dog Man: Lord of the FLEAS.

Official Description (can be found in Mothering Heights)

Once known as the World's Most Evilest Cat, Petey is now working on becoming a better version of himself.

Strength: Intelligence

Weakness: Easily Annoyed



Petey is an anthropomorphic ginger cat with black stripes from his shoulders to his tail. As of Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties, his right cheek only has two whiskers compared to the three whiskers on his left. Like most other characters in Dog Man, Petey's eyes are drawn as vertical black lines with no irises. The tip of his tail is flat unlike his son's for an unknown reason, though Grampa may have something to do with it.



Petey is a stereotypical grumpy cat, generally having a short temper. He is very clever, as he is capable of making machines and robots.

In earlier books, Petey only really cared about himself and his inventions. He also had a bit of an arrogant side as well, evidenced by how it would annoy him when someone else (i.e. the Mayor) tried to do evil in his self-proclaimed city because he felt that he was the only one allowed to be evil in his city.

Deep down, however, Petey has a good side, which Li'l Petey was able to bring out. He becomes a good guy again starting in Dog Man: Lord of the Fleas when the F.L.E.A.S. arrive to destroy Li'l Petey.

This is due to Li'l Petey's compassionate and loving ways towards him. When Petey was controlling his robot, Li'l Petey gave Petey motivating words, which proved right.

Petey has stopped being evil since Dog Man: Lord of the FLEAS. He has a strong bond with Dog Man, Li'l Petey, and all of his friends, as he now feels like part of the team.


Petey Teenager.png

Almost all of Petey's known history has been revealed in the second half of the Dog Man series, first being mentioned in a flashback from Dog Man: Lord of the FLEAS. Petey had been banned from the Critter Scouts after he had been framed for starting chaos while a staff member was absent. He later got his revenge by making a few phone calls to the Animal Rights Union and getting the Critter Scouts shut down within a week. This took place before his father left, as shown by his tail tip still being round within the flashback.

Petey was still a young kitten when his father left him and his mother. With hardly anything left, the made their way to the Happy Home Shelter, where Petey spent the rest of his childhood. Petey often had outbursts of anger and wasn't always able to handle the fact that he and his mother could not afford much. But his mother always forgave him.

As Petey entered adolescence, his mother tragically passed away of an illness, leaving him orphaned for the rest of his childhood.

At some point he was acquired by Dr. Dilbert Dinkle, a criminal who appeared in Super Diaper Baby 2: The Invasion of the Potty Snatchers. Dr. Dinkle and Petey the Cat snuck into Jim's Bank, taking a machine that transforms things into water. But then, Petey unintentionally transformed Dr. Dinkle into water, and accidentally destroyed the machine, leaving Dr. Dinkle unable to revert to a human. But, now being made of water, Dr. Dinkle was able to sneak into the vault and steal the money he wanted. Then, Dr. Dinkle returned home and went off to rob more banks, of course not paying the water bill since he was made of water, leaving Petey thirsty. Dr. Dinkle refused to pay the water bill when Petey told him he needed water, so Petey drank him. Then Dr. Dinkle woke up in Petey's litter box, having been turned into pee. Petey began calling Dr. Dinkle "Rip Van Tinkle", much to Dinkle's dismay.

Dr. Dinkle couldn't enjoy his money since everyone kicked him out of their stores for his smell, so in revenge, he made a plan to steal everyone's toilets. So the following night, Rip Van Tinkle put Petey in the Robo Kitty 3000, before he evaporated into a cloud and rained pee. Then the pee drops broke into people's houses to steal toilets for the Petey to destroy with the Robo-Kitty 3000. All toilets are destroyed, including Super Diaper Baby's.

Then the drops meshed together to reunite Rip Van Tinkle's body, while Petey stole diapers to sell to the people who got their toilets stolen. Then, when Rip Van Tinkle tried to take Petey's money, Petey soak him up with toilet paper. Super Diaper Baby and Diaper Dog arrive, only for Petey to evolve the Robo Kitty 300 into the Supa-Mecha Kitty 3000. Super Diaper Baby flew away to buy catnip and pour it inside the robot's control seat. Then Petey goes crazy after a slight sniff of the catnip, detaching the Supa - Mecha Kitty 3000's head. Then Super Diaper Baby and Diaper Dog grabbed Petey and took him to jail.

Petey tried to better himself, but people did not accept him back into society, so he returned to crime, until Li'l Petey was born.


Petey resides mostly in his lab (formerly called Petey's Secret Lab, which is now called Petey & Son in Fetch 22). The building contains his secret library, a bathroom, and, of course, his very huge lab, where he makes new inventions every day. He has many secret rooms in his lab, which he mentioned in Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls. In Mothering Heights, it is destroyed by the Sippy Cups, and he now temporarily resides with Dog Man.


  • Petey is based on Dav Pilkey, the author and illustrator of Dog Man. He had reading and behavioral problems in his childhood, and his mom, Barbara (which loosely inspired Li'l Petey) helped him, like going to the library to let him choose whatever books he was interested in, and letting him focus on his good behavior.
  • According to Dav Pilkey, he takes the role of Sydney Carton, a character in A Tale of Two Cities, the book in which A Tale of Two Kitties is based upon. Therefore, he says quotes that Sydney Carton says in said novel.

    Petey as a child in Critter Scouts (better image needed)

    • Mrs. Suspicionflame is a spoof on Mrs. Doubtfire and Mary Poppins.
    • Petey was first featured in Super Diaper Baby 2, which was released before Dog Man. While the real Petey appears as one of the villains, he doesn't play a huge role in the entire story.
    • In A Tale of Two Kitties, Petey cloned himself. As a result, he got a clone named Lil' Petey.
      • Petey's top left whisker hasn't regrown since.
      • Grampa also had to take off one of his whiskers when he copied Petey's appearance in Mothering Heights.
    • At first, Petey hated being called "Papa" by Li'l Petey, but has grown to accept, and then love it, since Lord of the Fleas.
    • Petey is the only character to be introduced prior to the release of the Dog Man revamp series.
    • In Dog Man: The Musical, he is played by Jamie LaVerdiere (Original), Keith Allen, and Nick Zale (North American Tour)
    • Grampa almost revealed what happened to his tail when he was younger in For Whom the Ball Rolls.
    • Petey's first appearance was not in Dog Man, but in the Super Diaper Baby Series.
    • "Petey the Cat's" pun is P.T. Duckhat shown in Captain Underpants and the Tyrannical Retaliation of the Turbo Toilet 2000.
    • He has been light orange ever since Dog Man and Cat Kid.
    • He does not like hot dogs, as revealed in Dog Man chapter 4.
    • Petey's redemption could be based off Krupp's redemption in the Captain Underpants Movie. Where Dav Pilkey himself said that he wished to make Krupp's personality as same as the books when he was still writing then.
    • Young Petey looks very similiar to Lil Petey.
    • Ever since Fetch-22, the Dog Man series has been focused on Petey and his past.
    • Li'l Petey's jokes are karma of Petey's jokes in Super Diaper Baby 2, Cause he would always tell annoying jokes to Dilbert. Now, Li'l Petey annoys Petey just as much.
    • His former quote is: "That's a YP, Not an MP!"


every book lol

  • Planet Pilkey (as an NPC & a playable skin which was available in the shop)


  • Dog Man: They were enemies, but are later friends after the events of Lord of the FLEAS. He later taught Dog Man how to be a cat in Grime and Punishment.
  • Li'l Petey: Since he is now a father, he is protective of him and doesn't want him put in danger. He will do anything to keep him safe, and loves him more than anything.
  • 80-HD: In A Tale of Two Kitties, he used the former to retrieve Li'l Petey. In Grime and Punishment, 80-HD breaks three walls and the door of Petey and Son, prompting Petey to make him fix it in the next book.
  • Chief: Chief always thought Petey had a hidden good side somewhere, and he was proven right in Lord of the FLEAS.
  • Sarah: When he was still evil, he got past Sarah with his old lady disguise in Dog Man and Cat Kid. Post-reformation, they are now good friends, and she later interviewed him in Mothering Heights.
  • Zuzu: They are somewhat friends, but sometimes they don't understand each other.
  • Flippy: Ever since the events of A Tale of Two Kitties, Petey wasn't very fond of Flippy, calling him a 'crazy fish'. He has grown to accept the latter since the end of Fetch-22.
  • Molly: Petey is constantly annoyed by her antics, especially her giving him the nickname of 'Wally'.
  • Piggy, Crunky, and Bub: Before Petey closed down the Critter Scouts, they seemed to be good friends. However, after the events of Lord of the FLEAS, they are now mutual enemies. Due to them stitching on Petey and getting him kicked out.
  • Dr. Dilbert Dinkle: Petey was never friends with him anyway. When he turned into water, Petey drank him which later turned him into pee. Petey later soaked him up in a giant toilet paper roll.
  • Diaper Dog and Super Diaper Baby: He never liked them. They were the ones that took him to Jail 4 Cats.

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