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Stop, Thief!

–Officer Knight trying to catch a crook

Officer Knight is the body of Dog Man and Greg's best friend. His head was cut off so Greg the Dog's head could be placed on it to make Dog Man.


He can Bench-press 500 pounds, has strong fists, knees that hurt, feet that are good for kicking very hardcore, and a pure heart.


In Dog Man, Chief buys a new couch online, with Luke and Andrew delivering it. When Chief got to his office to lay in it, Officer Knight and Greg were laying in it. Chief fussed at them and fired them.

Then, walking to retirement, they hear the "Help, It's a bomb!'' from Petey.

Officer Knight and Greg ran to defused the bomb. Officer Knight asks Greg "Which wire should I cut?"

Greg says "Grr,", and-you get it- the Bomb exploded, causing Officer Knight to say "Oh no! I forgot [that] Dogs are Colored Blind!"

They were taken to the hospital when a nurse said Greg's body was dying and Officer Knight's head was dying. Then another nurse said that they should sew Greg's head into Knight's body. And so they unleashed Dog Man to the city.


  • Officer Knight had his head dead. Since clinical death is caused by the stopping of heart and lungs, Officer Knight is technically clinically alive.
  • Officer Knight physically appeared in the first book, though he was later introduced in the recaps of the rest of the Dog Man books.