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80-HD, don't fail me now!

–Li'l Petey calling 80-HD for help.

Li'l Petey (aka Cat Kid), is the secondary protagonist of the Dog Man series, and the main protagonist of Cat Kid Comic Club. He is a smart yet naive orange kitten. He is Petey's clone/"son", the leader of the Supa Buddies and president of Cat Kid Comic Club. He is one of the most comedic characters in the series, and the 23rd youngest character, after the 22 Psychokinetic Tadpoles.

Official Description (can be found in Mothering Heights)

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Petey's son. He's a force for goodness and kindness, who lives with Petey during the week and Dog Man on weekends.

Strength: Optimism

Weakness: Can Be Annoying



Li’l Petey is an anthropomorphic orange tabby cat. Like his creator/"papa", Petey, he has vibrant orange fur (In A Tale of Two Kitties, he has darker orange fur), and black stripes on his body, legs, and tail. He has a large, round head shaped similarly to that of Super Diaper Baby, with two triangle-shaped ears, three whiskers on each side of his head, and a round nose. He has three freckles/whisker spots. He does not have any fingers or toes. His tail is shorter than Petey's and is round at the end.


Li'l Petey is very joyful and silly, like his father Petey was when he was little. He tends to interrupt Petey frequently with jokes, and asks him "Why?" repeatedly.

Li'l Petey first appears in Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties, though he made a cameo at the end of Dog Man: Unleashed, in a sneak peek for the next book. In Dog Man: Lord of the Fleas, he started making knock knock jokes about poop, and in Dog Man: Brawl of the Wild, he made jokes about diarrhea. In Dog Man: Mothering Heights, he creates songs about poop with Molly.


A Tale of Two Kitties

Li'l Petey first appeared in the third book Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties. He was created by Petey, who was trying to clone himself to get a new butler, but it failed, and he was the result. Li'l Petey acted like a toddler and caused trouble around the house, and was abandoned by Petey. Dog Man found Li'l Petey on the streets and adopted him. Then, Petey began to regret abandoning Li’l Petey, so he created a new invention called "80-HD" to bring Li'l Petey back to the lab. Li'l Petey now loved Dog Man, and had no intention to become evil like Petey. When Dog Man was having trouble fighting Flippy and the Beasty Buildings, Li'l Petey saved Dog Man thanks to 80-HD’s power. Petey then went back to jail, and, though he first wanted Li’l Petey to be evil like himself, he changed his mind and encouraged Li'l Petey to continue being good, and himself.

and Cat Kid

Petey and Li'l Petey as 'heroes'.

In Dog Man and Cat Kid, Li'l Petey started to act more like a 6-year old person was kitty-sitted by Petey, who was disguised as Mrs. Suspicionflame, while Dog Man ran to the set for the new movie The Dog-Man, to do his job of guarding actress Yolay Caprese (starring as Sarah Hatoff). Meanwhile, Li'l Petey was fixing up 80-HD, replacing his batteries with solar panels, and called him a friend, while Petey objected that 80-HD only obeyed Li'l Petey because he was programmed to. Then Petey and Li’l Petey left Dog Man’s house, leaving 80-HD there, and Petey tried to convince Li'l Petey to be evil like him, by breaking into the Dog Man movie studio with him. While they were sneaking in, Dog Man was causing trouble on set and got fired from the film. In the studio, when Petey was trying to kidnap, or even murder Yolay Caprese, Li'l Petey refused to do so, and he also became his new identity, which he called "Cat Kid". Cat Kid helped The Bark Knight (Dog Man) stop Petey from killing Caprese. This angered Petey, who then sent out Supa-Mecha Weenies that were built for the film to attack Dog Man and the others. But then Sarah Hatoff and the others dressed up as superheroes and defeated the weenies. Petey, enraged, went to a Cannery Grow Store, stole a can of Cannery Grow, and created Supa-Mecha Philly, attacking the city with him. When Petey captured the gang, Cat Kid ran away to get help. Cat Kid reprogrammed 80-HD to "Thou Mayest", (a gag from earlier in the book) that would let 80-HD do what he wanted, but 80-HD went to help Cat Kid anyway. Cat Kid and 80-HD ran back to save the gang, but 80-HD's batteries ran out. Then, Supa-Mecha Philly kicked 80-HD to the other side of the world, where he charged up again. Then, 80-HD returned back to Collardale and sliced Supa-Mecha Philly in half. Petey went back to jail, while Dog Man and Li'l Petey went home with their superhero costumes and other props from the film, courtesy of the director of the film, Sam E. Hamilton.

Lord of the FLEAS

Li’l Petey was taken away from Dog Man and 80-HD by Petey, who was disguised as a kitten doctor. Then he appeared in Chapter 4: "Revenge of the Fleas!". He also showed up in a poster in Chapter 5, then in the first “Meanwhile...”, when he was trying to convince Petey to become good. Then he transformed into Cat Kid in Chapter 6, and later in the book, he shouted "SQUIRREL!", to get Dog Man's attention.

Brawl of the Wild

Li'l Petey was seen in Cat Jail visiting Petey in chapter 2. He left the Cat Jail with 80-HD after Petey left the room all sad and stuff. Later, Li'l Petey went back to Cat Jail to help Petey out. He helped Petey finish building the Robo-Bee, making jokes with the punchline "Diarrhea". Petey yelled at him a bunch of times. Eventually, when Sarah Hatoff reported that Claymation Philly was attacking the burning movie theater, Li'l Petey & Petey went to save the day again. Li'l Petey & Dog Man put on their Supa Buddies costumes, transforming into Cat Kid & The Bark Knight respectively. The Bark Knight & Cat Kid jumped off the roof of the movie theater. Cat Kid sliced Claymation Philly on the leg, chopping it off. The Bark Knight caught Cat Kid. Claymation Philly was mad, & he chased the two superheroes. The Bark Knight placed Cat Kid under a bucket, making Cat Kid mad, so he then shouted at The Bark Knight, "Hey!" several times. After that, when The Bark Knight and Claymation Philly enter the cave, Cat Kid hears munching and assumes Dog Man got eaten by Claymation Philly, then he starts to cry (let's remember, he is a kid, so him crying is not out of the ordinary). After Dog Man puts out the fire with his barf (read the book for details), Cat Kid finally leaves the book for the rest of it. Petey goes back to Cat Jail, and Cat Kid asks if he's a misfit, too. (Dog Man was called a misfit by two of his cop co-workers & the Dog Jail warden) Petey says he is "the biggest misfit I ever met!"; Cat Kid replies, "Sweeeet!"

For Whom the Ball Rolls

Li'l Petey has been living with Dog Man and helping him with his problem with balls. Later, Petey arrives from getting pardoned from jail. Li'l Petey is hesitant to live with his father, but they work out a solution that Li'l Petey lives with Petey during the week, and Dog Man and 80-HD during the weekend. Li'l Petey decides to find Petey's father, only matters to get worse, and Grampa starts to break everything. While working on the Robo-Rat 2000, the Burgle Balls attack and Dog Man is too scared. Grampa tells Petey and his son to leave, but only has a vicious plan up his sleeve. Li'l Petey talks to Dog Man to "Do good" and fight the burgle balls. Then, The Bark Knight, Lightning Dude, and Cat Kid attack the burgle balls by frightening them and scaring them away to be swallowed by the Very Hangry Ratterpillar. When Dr. Scum is arrested they arrive home to find Grampa has taken everything, but Petey assures him that he has secret rooms with tons of stuff.


Li'l Petey is living with Dog Man, and Petey is having problems with their deal. Li'l Petey makes a discovery that a chemical GR-2 in Supa Brain Dots made his friend Flippy put into jail. Dog Man is ordered to gather all the Supa Brain Dots in the city. Meanwhile, Petey is putting letters on the sign calling his secret lab Petey & Son while Li'l Petey asks if they can visit his Grampa. Petey declines, but, they still did visit him. At jail, Grampa gives Li'l Petey a balloon (filled with sleeping gas), & pops it, making Petey & Li'l Petey fall asleep. Grampa dressed Petey up as himself, and made himself look like Petey. He went home with Li'l Petey, tossing him in a recycling bin along the way. Li'l Petey only woke up, walked home, and ordered Grampa around saying that what his papa does. There is also a Fair Fairy that gives some tadpoles psychokinetic powers and made them evil, but Li'l Petey and Flippy later come and fight them. They get caught and Li'l Petey and Molly become friends, and Molly subsequently lets Li'l Petey and Zuzu escape. They find an antidote, and take the tadpoles' powers except for Molly. Then Flippy decides to adopt the tadpoles.

Grime and Punishment

In Grime and Punishment, he helps Dog Man after he is fired from the police force, to make his disguise called "Cat Man". When Petey picks him up, he learns more about how Petey's Mother died, and how Petey thinks hate will work. While working on a new robot, 80-HD tells them about how Munchy is terrorizing the city. Petey thinks only Hate can defeat hate, but Li'l Petey, Molly, and 80-HD decide to find out. Molly, 80-HD and Li'l Petey all think of what they love. They all agree they love to draw. Molly shows them how to draw a squid on Munchy's butt, and soon Li'l Petey and 80-HD join in. Munchy finds out and feels embarrassed that he has drawings on his butt, dropping Flippy, who calls out the frogs. All the frogs join in drawing the things that they love on Munchy. Soon Munchy is covered with drawings and runs away in embarrassment. Petey decides that "Love got lucky". Suddenly Grampa comes with the cop truck, and Li'l Petey tells Petey that it's his battle to fight. Petey is hesitant that he can do it, but Li'l Petey encourages him, and he defeats Grampa. Petey walks Li'l Petey back while Dog Man and the cops are saved by Flippy and Molly. Petey and Li'l Petey arrive home, but Petey only walks in and gets some flowers. They walk until they get to a gravestone. Petey says he hadn't been there since he was a kid. Li'l Petey asks if his Gramma is in the gravestone. Petey says that she's in his heart, and in Li'l Petey's heart. A leaf falls into Li'l Petey's hand, and he asks if his Gramma is in there. Petey replies " no, she's here now and she's there."

Mothering Heights

He is seen first where he is in a fort with 80-HD which looks small on the outside, but is really big! He sees that Dog Man is currently wearing a cone and decides he doesn't want him wearing a cone for a few days. He then goes with 80-HD to make a NEW cone that includes bionic improvements and an umbrella.

He is next seen where he is done with the new cone. He goes to Dog Man, while he is drinking some 'pretend tea'. Dog Man rushes out while Petey is coming. Petey said that 80-HD has to come to his building, and Li'l Petey thinks 80-HD can play. Little does he know, 80-HD was coming to fix three holes, plus a door, a reference to the events of Grime and Punishment.

Cat Kid Comic Club

Li'l Petey is the president of the group, with Molly as the vice president. Both best friends made a comic called Squid Kid and Katydid.

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Comic Works

Poster Works

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  • Li'l Petey is based on Barbara Pilkey, Dav Pilkey's own mother.
  • In Dog Man: The Musical, he is played by Lora Rachel Davidson (Original), Maya Jacobson and Olivia Mattsey (North American Tour).
    • Similar to Flippy, despite being played by females, he is still considered male.
  • He is one of the most loved characters in Dog Man.
  • Li’l Petey was light/dusty orange in A Tale of Two Kitties, but has been a more vibrant orange ever since Dog Man and Cat Kid.
  • Recently, he has been appearing much more than Dog Man.
  • Through him, the love that Petey acquired from his mother was reborn.
  • Li'l Petey loves telling knock-knock/poop jokes. It is unknown why Li'l Petey stopped doing this since Fetch-22.
  • Like Sarah Hatoff, Li'l Petey understands dogs, such as Zuzu.
  • Despite being an very loved character, people have disliked him for being annoying, just as they have disliked Charlie Brown from the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz.
  • He is the founder of the Supa Buddies and the Cat Kid comic club.
  • His age is currently unknown, like other characters. but it is believed that his age is 4, since a Tale of Two Kitties was released 4 years ago.



  • Dog Man: He and Dog Man have a strong relationship. He always plays at his house on weekends, and Dog Man has partial custody of him. (Best Friend)
  • Petey: Sometimes, Li'l Petey annoys his father with various jokes and questions. However, Petey loves his clone and they have an excellent relationship overall. (Father/Creator)
  • 80-HD: He has helped him in numerous occasions, recently in finding his Grampa. They also play with each other in Dog Man's house. (Best Friend)
  • Chief: On the way to Dog Man's house in Lord of the Fleas, they talk about gelato. They have a positive relationship, but do not know each other well. (Friend)
  • Sarah: She notices Li'l Petey every time they see each other. (Friend)
  • Zuzu: She helped Li'l Petey with his plan in Fetch-22, along with Molly. (Friend)
  • Molly: He and Molly are close friends, and they bond over their mutual love of making comics and being silly. (Best Friend)
  • Flippy: Li'l Petey reformed and befriended Flippy after he showed the latter a comic he made. They became pen pals soon after, and they have a good bond overall. (Friend)
  • Grampa: After Grampa got put in jail, Li'l Petey thought he had changed and wants to visit him, but Petey warns him not to. Li'l Petey has forgiven Grampa for everything he has done, even abandoning him, and encourages Petey to do the same. According to Mothering Heights, he doesn't not interact with him anymore. (Frenemies/Grandfather)
  • Crunky: They sometimes play together, but Piggy never joins. He and Bub both thought Lil' Petey should be the boss of Piggy. (Friend)
  • Bub: They sometimes play together, but Piggy never joins. He and Crunky both thought Lil' Petey should be the boss of F.L.E.A.S. (Friend)