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Put the pen down, Mr. Krupp! Or we'll hypnotize you!

–George to Mr. Krupp, in the movie.

George is the funniest of the 2 comic makers. He also loves to write and tell stories. Sad worm is one of them.

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George Beard is the co-creator of Dog Man, as well as the protagonist of the Captain Underpants series, along with his best friend Harold Hutchins. George writes the comics him and Harold makes the illustrations. He has a tie and a flat top.


When George was 6 he was considered 'precocious'. Ever since he was young, his parents taught him to read and write. Later on his first day of kindergarten, his mom made him wear a tie to make a good impression.

One day while Harold Hutchins was being beaten up at a gas station by Kipper Krupp, George came by on his skateboard and saved him. He even whacked him with the tie he was wearing. Mr. Krupp found them and took them to his detention room.

In the detention room, George sees Harold's drawing and asks him the name of the superhero in his picture. Harold tells George that its just a picture, not a story. Harold asks George if he would like to draw but George tells him he is not good at drawing, but he can write stories. Together they make a Dog Man comic. When school ends they walk back to George's house. Harold pulls some pranks on Kipper and his gang, getting him to believe in the ghost of Wedgie Magee. They grow to make lots of Dog Man comics and also he had a big big afro and that was when he was in kindergarten george and harold also met in kindergarten


  • In a Scholastic interview, it was said that George and Harold are based on Dav Pilkey, the author of Dog Man.
  • It was also said that he is named after Curious George and George and the Ghost.
  • His favorite food is Chocolate chip cookies.
  • He and Harold have ADHD.
  • In Dog Man: The Musical, he is played by Forest VanDyke (Original), and Donovan Woods and Christopher Cherry (North American Tour).
  • He is in the 6th grade as of Fetch-22.
  • he was also played by kevin hart in the first movie.
  • Despite being in all the books he was not seen in Mothering Heights.