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Genie S. Lady, RN, BSN (better known as Nurse Lady) was originally seen in the first Dog Man book and has been seen in the prologue of every book so far with the Doctor. She appeared in Cat Kid Comic Club giving Flippy advice to let his kids do what they want with comics.

Official Description (can be found in Mothering Heights only)

Her genius ideas and caring bedside manner are world-renowned. Her quick thinking saved Dog Man's life.

  • STRENGTH: Moxie
  • WEAKNESS: Chutzpah


Dog Man

Nurse lady is the one who suggested the idea of "How about we sew Greg's head on to cop's body?". Thus, Nurse Lady was the one who "created" Dog Man.

Cat Kid Comic Club (book)

Along with the Doctor, they went to Flippy's house to see what Flippy was talking about his children's bad comics. nurse lady encourages Flippy to let his kids do their comics, and chill out some more.

Dog Man: Mothering Heights

Genie is working at the hospital and Chief tries to get her to notice her. Genie shares all the gifts from Chief with her patients. She later helps Chief save the hospital, and they kiss afterwards.


  • Her name is "Genie S. Lady" as said like Genius Lady. She is also known for her so-called "genius ideas".
    • You could call her Genius Lady.
  • Chief is known for having a crush on Genie S. Lady.


Nurse lady considers herself to be a genius, and she even has a degree in baby frog psychology, as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. She claims to be always right, as seen in Cat Kid Comic Club. And she is very clever.