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–Fair Fairy, when she gets fired in Fetch-22

The Fair Fairy Is the main antagonist of Fetch-22.


The Fair Fairy is a short elderly woman dressed as a fairy in light blue themed with four wings. She always carries Downward Dog, a dog sock puppet in her hand who somehow talks on his own. She also wears a fake wig.


At first glance, the Fair Fairy seems like a sweet elderly woman who helps children share nicely in the TV show. However, it turns out that the Fair Fairy is actually mean, rude, and impatient, as shown when two children constantly argue about cookies and ice cream and toys, and eventually loses her patience and destroys their bowls of ice cream and toys whilst yelling at them that they get nothing. After she was fired from her show, she becomes a villain, plotting to get revenge. She also dislikes being called dude by Downward Dog.


Foul Fair FairywCryingKids.png

She worked at Gassy Behemoth Studios, acting as Fair Fairy. She was the company's worst employee, as she would tell lies, steal other people's food, and be rude to the staff.

At the beginning of Dog Man: Fetch-22, it shows Dog Man, Li'l Petey, and 80-HD watching her show about two kids who weren’t sharing cookies. But the kids kept complaining about cookies and ice cream that melted, causing the Fair Fairy to lose her temper, and smash their stuff, shooing them away. Another clip shows her with two other kids with toys, and destroys their toys, and Dog Man immediately shuts the TV off, as Li’l Petey questions about if the show was inappropriate.

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Later the next day, the Fair Fairy gets called down to Sam’s office (her boss), and takes a chair and attempts to leave the room with it, but Sam yells at her to sit down. He reads all the complaints about the Fair Fairy’s show, such as being mean and rude to the children and staff, stating she is the worst employee ever. After the Fair Fairy calls him bald, Sam angrily fires her on the spot, thus canceling the Fair Fairy’s show off the air. The Fair Fairy yells, “That’s not fair!”, still carrying the chair with her.

After she was fired, the Fair Fairy came to a pond near a tree plotting her revenge. Suddenly, she heard a voice from the pond, and met the 22 tadpoles. Said tadpoles almost immediately imprinted on her, and started calling her "Mommy". Enraged, the Fair Fairy left in a huff, but the tadpoles started following her, after developing psychokinetic powers from overdosing on Supa Brain Dots.

Since the Fair Fairy still wouldn't allow the tadpoles to come with her, they created a living tree bent on destruction to pull her back. Pleased with the evil tree, the Fair Fairy told the tadpoles to use the tree to destroy the city, as an attempt to make things "fair".



  • Despite looking like an ordinary elderly woman in a fairy costume, she is able to fly. This is due to the help of the 22 tadpoles. When the tadpoles lost their psychokinetic powers, she lost this ability.
  • According to Sam E. Hamilton, she is the worst employee he ever had.
  • She may not be very intelligent, due to consistently calling Sam "Larry", and misunderstanding the meaning of "taking a seat".
  • Her glasses are similar to that of Mrs. Ribbles from Captain Underpants.
  • Dav pilkey said that a penguin would be the villain ( possibly be the scrapped the F.L.E.A.S member, Honk ) however for unknown reasons Fair fairy got the spot as the villain. a FEW dogman fans where a little mad but it wasn't huge.