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Well, I've got four new armies! See? I keep em up my sleevies!

–Dr. Scum making a pun

Dr. Scum is a recurring antagonist in the Dog Man series. He is a major antagonist in Dog Man Chapter 2: Robo-Chief who worked alongside with the Mayor and invented Robo-Chief, for a purposeful plot to have Chief fired in and to take over the city. He apparently never got arrested, as he wasn't seen following the Mayor being arrested. He reappears as the main antagonist in Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls, when he uses the lessons about distractions Lil' Petey taught Dog Man as a weapon against him. He invents Burgle Balls, which send Dog Man chickening out and running to a trash container. Later, his Colossal-Bot 2000 is demolished by Petey. He runs away, but he later trips on Big Jim as Commander Cupcake.


  • Dr. Scum has made an appearance in the first book. He was absent for six books, followed by a return in For Whom the Ball Rolls. Because he was gone for so long, everyone else thought that he was a new character, to his irritation.
  • Just like the main antagonists of Super Diaper Baby and Ook and Gluk: The Kung-Fu Cavemen From the Future, he has a triangular nose and eyes.
  • He was one of the first Dog Man villains, only behind the Mayor and Petey.
  • In For Whom The Ball Rolls, a running gag is everyone calling him a new villain, which he hates. On the Sarah Hatoff blog near the back of the book, he demands the interview to end after being called "new" multiple times, even though he repeatedly stated he wasn't new.
  • He makes a cameo appearance in Dog Man: Unleashed and Dog Man: Mothering Heights during Chief's dream as he built a Robo-Shark Duck to try and capture Dog Man and Milly.