Dog Man Wikia
Dog Man Wikia

These are the policies for the Dog Man Wiki. Before you start editing, make sure you read this!

  • Image names don't matter, as long as it isn't offensive or explicit.
  • If you don't like Dog Man, don't make bad edits or comments, or you'll be probated for a whole month.
  • Don't be a Supa Mecha-Bully and put hurtful comments on the talk pages! Cursing isn't permitted.
  • Don’t add bad grammar categories. This is a big problem on our wiki. Please do not do this!
  • When you make a how-to or fun activity, post it in discussions or on your blog.
  • DON'T VANDALIZE! This is a big problem on the wiki. If you vandalize, you'll get probated for at least 2 weeks, and when you come back, don't vandalize again. If you get probated 5 times, you'll be blocked from the wiki completely. When you have reached your fifth probation, you will get three warnings until you are completely blocked. Here is an example of a "Delete Template":
    Delete Example.png
    And an example of a probation template:
    Probate Example.png
  • Only administrators may probate and warn users! If you feel like a user is causing trouble, contact the admins.
  • Don’t put irrelevant categories, like “Animal” instead of “Animals”.
  • No fan art or fan fiction on the main wiki. Fan art and fan fiction will either be moved to Dog Man Fanon Wiki, a blog post, or your profile page.
  • Make sure you make productive edits.
  • Don't create duplicates of other pages or images! It gets people confused.
  • Be a Supa Buddy and don't create pages about yourself. If you want to write about yourself, you can write it on your profile page!
  • Make pages related to Dog Man and other Pilkey creations.
  • Don't put probation on a user that isn't vandalizing the wiki.
  • Don't put a Delete template on pages that relate to Dog Man/Pilkey creations.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO SOCKPUPPETING! Sockpuppeting is when you make multiple accounts to evade a probation.
    • However, different reasons, such as having your original account's password lost, are an exception.
  • Don't give away your personal info (such as where you live, your address, etc.)
  • Don't be homophobic, and don't discriminate LGBT+ people.
  • Be sure to listen to the Terms of Use (ToU) on FANDOM!
    • If you don't, you will be banned for min. 1 day (you're twelve and your thirteenth birthday is tomorrow), and max. infinite.
  • Have a Great time on the wiki!

Rules for Administration

  • Users must have a minimum of three warnings in order to receive a block from an administrator.
  • You must give a valid reason to block somebody.