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This is the cover of cat kid comic club the spin off series

Dog Man is a book series by Dav Pilkey. The series started in Captain Underpants when in book 9, The Adventures of Dog Man was created.

Original Dog Man Book Series

  1. The Adventures of Dog Man
  2. The Wrath of Petey
  3. The Tongue of Justice
  4. Book ‘Em, Dog Man!
  5. Dog Man vs. Mecha Flippy
  6. Dog Man in Space
  7. The Bark Knight Rises

Official Dog Man series (2016-present)

  1. Dog Man (8/30/2016)
  2. Unleashed (12/27/2016)
  3. A Tale of Two Kitties (8/29/2017)
  4. Dog Man and Cat Kid (12/26/2017)
  5. Lord of the FLEAS (8/28/2018)
  6. Brawl of the Wild (12/24/2018)
  7. For Whom the Ball Rolls (8/13/2019)
  8. Fetch-22 (12/10/2019)
  9. Grime and Punishment (9/1/2020)
  10. Mothering Heights (3/23/2021)

Cat Kid Comic Club (2020-present)

  1. Cat Kid Comic Club (12/1/2020)
  2. Cat Kid Comic Club: Perspectives (11/30/2021)


  • Dav claimed in a Facebook Live interview in 2017 that there maybe 20, 30, or even 40 installments to this series.
  • When Dog Man was originally created by Dav, he was just an ordinary dog who every time he got struck by lightning, he was given superpowers. Moreover, Dog Man looked like a caped dog back then.
  • Dog Man has a spin-off series called " Cat Kid Comic Club." The first book of "Cat Kid Comic Club" was release in December 2020.


  • There are an average of two or three books of Dog Man released in a year.

International Versions

The Dog Man book series has been translated into many languages and they can be found along with other information in this page: International Versions