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Go, Dog Man, Go!

–-Blurb of "Dog Man: Unleashed"

Dog Man: Unleashed is the second book in the Dog Man series. The release date was December 27, 2016 (12/27/2016). It was written and illustrated by Dav Pilkey and colored by Jose Garibaldi.


Dog Man is still learning a few tricks of the trade. Petey the Cat is out of the bag, and his criminal curiosity is taking the city by storm. Something fishy is going on! Can Dog Man unleash justice on this ruffian in time to save the city, or will Petey get away with the purr-fect crime?


Chapter 1: The Secret Meeting

During the morning at the cop station, Dog Man is trying to get Milly's attention by acting "obnoxious." She yells at Dog Man, but notices that Dog Man was trying to tell her that it's Chief's birthday. She proceeds to call the cops for a meeting. At the meeting, one cop decides to bake a cake, another decides to make a card, and two cops decides to handle the decorations. Milly asks for suggestions for presents. She says that Chief is forgetful, so one cop decides to get him "Supa Brain Dots." The cops think of more gifts, but one says Chief is lonely, so they decide to get a pet for him, which another decides a fish. The cop says that fish are awesome pets, and another one says that they aren't "filthy and obnoxious like dogs," thus, hurting Dog Man's feelings. Milly puts Dog Man in charge of getting a fish, but not a dead one. Dog Man gets excited, so he flips, proceeding to a Flip-O-Rama. Dog Man runs to the pet store. On his way, Chief arrives, but in Dog Man's excitement, he trips Chief over.

Chapter 2: Penelope's Pets

Dog Man happily runs into the Pet Store. The owners complain about Dog Man because he sampled kibble, licked bones, and played in the balls. The Male owner scolds Dog Man for the mess. He asks Dog what he has to say for himself, but Dog Man squeaks the ball, thus driving the owner to snatch the ball in another Flip-O-Rama. Dog Man gets distracted and sees Zuzu the poodle in the front window.

The owners interrupt Dog Man, and Dog Man remembers the fish. He sees a dead one and asks for it, but the owner asks him if he wants, making him also remember the cop's order, and sadly points at an alive fish. The owner asks for five bucks and tacks, but Dog Man doesn't have any money. The owner gloats about this to the other owner, but she suggests giving him another fish. They go in a secret door, go down the stairs, through another door, down a hatch and ladder, and into a room. As they go down, the female employee explains that " It came to our pet shop last Friday the 13th, with a wicked heart and a soul as dark as a thousand midnights! I tried to put him in with the other fish, but he took over all of the little castles, stole every tiny plastic treasure chest, and bullied each fish who dared to cross his wretched path!!!" A purple striped butterflyfish is in a bowl with a sign that says, "Please do not tap on glass." They go upstairs and give it to Dog Man. Dog Man sees the fish give him a dirty look, but the female owner says, "Hey, it's free- so NO COMPLAININ'!" So, he takes the fish and proceeds to leave.

Then, Sarah Hatoff from the last book comes in and wants to buy Zuzu, which was the poodle and rescue dog from the shelter. It costs 100 bucks plus tacks, so Sarah Hatoff gives 100 bucks and literal thumbtacks. Before leaving, she noticed Dog Man and says that she is his biggest fan, and gives him her card, which reveals her to be Sarah Hatoff, the world's greatest reporter. She then leaves. Dog Man looks back and eats the card, but feels guilty when he sees the angry owners cleaning up the mess.

Chapter 3: Happy Birthday, Chief

The cops finish singing happy birthday to Chief, and give him the presents. First, Chief opens the Supa Brain Dots. He asks who got him these, and the Mean Officers said they did because Chief is forgetful. Chief yells at the cops, and they apologize. Afterwards, Chief asks who got him the dots again, making the cops zong off the panel in dumbfoundment. Then, Dog Man reveals the fish from a box. Chief says he always wanted a fish, puts it on an orange stool with stripes, and names it Flippy. One of the cops reminds Chief to take the dots. Chief reads the instructions, and they say: " Don't take a lot... never more than a dot. Or something may happen... we ain't saying what." Chief takes one dot, and goes to Lunch. He slams the door way too hard. and the dots fall into Flippy's bowl. The book says that Flippy's brain grew eleven sizes, as he smiles an evil grin.

Chapter 4: The Big Robbery

After the lunch break, Chief enters his office and gets a call about a pet store robbery. He asks where, which is the pet store. Chief calls Dog Man, but he happily runs in and starts jumping on Chief. Chief controls Dog Man, and eagerly sends him to Penelope's Pets. The owners, Sarah and Zuzu are in the store. Everyone except Zuzu is tied up. They are happy to see Dog Man, but he starts licking the bones again. The Male owner screams at Dog Man to come, and he starts untying the rope. Sarah explains she went back to get pet food, but a "mysterious stranger" broke in and tied them up. Luckily, Zuzu chewed through her ropes so she could take a picture of the crook. She asks Dog Man about this, but Dog Man is playing in the balls, and the Male owner tries snatching the ball back. Sarah notices the stranger, who is wearing a purple coat, a cardboard box with one eyehole, and legs that look similar to Petey. But the stranger was Flippy.

Chapter 5: Petey's Big Escape

One hour later, a cop at Cat Jail sees the news posted on Sarah Hatoff's website and recognizes the stranger who is wearing a purple coat, a cardboard box with one eyehole, and legs that look similar to Petey (The stranger was Flippy.) The cop then walked to Petey's prison cell and furiously shouted at Petey that he was going to put Petey in jail. Then Petey shouted back he was already in jail and then the cop said that he robbed a store that day. Petey, who was frustrated, shouted he didn't even escape from jail. After that, the cop said he was going to put Petey right where he belongs if he catches him. He then walks away. Petey thinks that someone is impersonating him, so he tries to find out who. But to do this, he needs to escape cat jail, so he comes up with a plan. First, Petey goes to the art supplies closet and grabs a huge sheet of paper. Next, he cuts it out into the shape of himself. Then, Petey draws on it with crayons to make the appearance of himself. After that, he takes the bulletin board off his wall, places it on the drawing, exclaiming, "I saw this in a book once!" (Referring to Flat Stanley.) Petey hides behind his potted plant and cries to the guard, pretending to be flat because his bulletin board "fell" on him. The guard then walks to Petey’s prison cell and once he sees Petey, he rushes in, and then Petey runs out and closes the door on the guard. The guard cries and calls 911 before Petey escapes the building to find his imposter. The ambulance comes and collects Flat Petey and drives off with him.

The ambulance driver asks "Which doctor", and the other thinks he said "Witch doctor". When they arrive, Dr. Boog E. Feeva sprays him with Living Spray, and Flat Petey is alive! Flat Petey escapes using a rock and goes under the door. Boog E. Feeva runs after him and sprays Obey Spray at Flat Petey. Flat Petey quickly folds his face up into a fan and blows it back to Boog E. Feeva, who becomes Flat Petey's obedient servant.

Chapter 6: A Buncha Stuff That Happened Next

Meanwhile, Dog Man is chewing his bone at his cop cubicle until he gets a phone call from Sarah Hatoff saying the pet store crook didn’t steal money. He only stole little treasure chests. Sarah was asking if Dog Man knows what the treasure chests were made of and he thinks they are made of wood, so he says ”Bark!” but they were made out of plastic. And Sarah said that they just wrote a story on it on their news blog.

Soon, Petey finds out that his imposter is obsessed with treasure chests, but he knows how to trap him. He built the Treasure Tank 2000 but he doesn’t know how to get treasure but he found the Love Ray. So that way he will end up with a chest full of treasure.

Meanwhile back on the other side of town, Flippy was up to no good. He enters a store called Kinney's Real Estate and says he wants to buy the biggest castle in the city. Kinney says that will be a million dollars plus tacks. But then he gives Kinney some plastic treasure chests. Kinney is confused so he asks, “What’s This?” and the stranger says it's a bunch of treasure chests filled with gold. But Kinney states that it is only plastic and not real gold. He says real treasure chests are on TV, and the TV shows Petey zapping everyone with his Love Ray, and they throw all the money into the Treasure Tank 2000 because they "love him". The stranger decides he will steal the treasure chest for his own, so he can buy the castle.

Chapter 7: Big Fight

Petey is still zapping everyone with his love ray, while Dog Man watches from a nearby building. Dog Man reaches the treasure tank, and starts chewing on the controller, thinking it is a ball. It shakes the Treasure Tank 2000, until Petey falls off. All the people who were zapped by the Love Ray chase after him, because they all want to marry him. Petey hides in Cat Jail, and closes the door. It turns out Petey did not notice he was not alone in his cell, as the cop working in Cat Jail ran to Petey, being really happy to discover that he wasn't dead and held the evil cat in his arms. As he sang a lullaby, Petey cried out of embarrassment.

Chapter 8: Flat Cat Fever

Meanwhile, Dog Man still is not letting go of the controller for the Treasure Tank 2000, and no one can convince him. Flat Petey watches and thinks that Dog Man will never let go. But unfortunately, Flat Petey has an idea. Him and Dr. Boog E. Feeva walk into the Museum of Natural History and Stuff, until they reach the T-Rex Skeleton, and Flat Petey sprays it with Living Spray. Flat Petey uses the obey spray to put the T-rex under his control and orders it to destroy Dog Man.

While the T-Rex fought Dog Man, Flat Petey and Dr. Boog E. Feeva take control of Petey's Treasure Tank 2000 and gain all of the money Petey stole from many people. Everything seemed lost, until Zuzu comes up with an idea and shows a bone to Sarah and Chief. Chief and Sarah find out what Zuzu was telling him and Chief called to Dog Man that the skeletal dinosaur was made out of his phone! Realising the truth, Dog Man stops being afraid and licks the undead T-Rex, because he loved bones. This causes the skeletal T-Rex to laugh and laugh, freeing him from the effects of the obey spray. He hugs Dog Man and happily walks out of the city.

Flat Petey is upset about what happened, but dismisses it due to the fact that he still has the treasure tank. He then tells Dr. Boog E. Feeva that it was time for them to spend some of the "moolah". However, before they could do so, the mysterious stranger appears and shouts to Flat Petey, "Not so fast!".

Chapter 9: The Mysterious Stranger Returns

Somewhere nearby, two kids notice that the mysterious stranger and Flat Petey were about to fight, so they ran towards the scene to watch. Meanwhile, the two villains are having a huge argument, with Flat Petey demanding who the stranger is. The mysterious stranger refuses to answer Flat Petey's question and instead uses his mind powers to launch a phone booth, a stack of newspapers, a mailbox, and loads of other things at the Treasure Tank 2000. Zuzuhowever stops the struggle by pulling off the stranger's purple coat, revealing his seemingly looking human-body to be Chief's orange table (with one of the standings bent like a tail and the other two having bent-like feet). After also noticing that the purple coat also belonged to Chief, the police chief grows cross and takes the cardboard box with the rectangular eye-hole off the stranger's head.

With the stranger revealed to be Flippy in disguise, Chief asks why the fish was being bad, whereas Sarah wants to know how he got his powers. Flippy explains to Dog Man and his friends the entire story. He reveals that earlier, while he was on his own, he heard a loud sound (door slamming) and a bunch of little sounds (Supa Brain dots falling into Flippy's tank). Then suddenly his brain began to think unlike anything before and gave Flippy the ability to speak and to move things with his mind, explaining how he could dress himself up as the mysterious stranger. Finally, Flippy reveals that with his new powers, he plans to steal the Treasure Tank 2000. But before he could continue with his plots, the Treasure Tank 2000 had disappeared. The two kids (who watched and heard the entire thing) tell him that Flat Petey and Boog E Feeva had escaped with the Treasure Tank 2000 up a mountain while the fish was speaking to Dog Man and his friends. In a fit of rage, Flippy chases after Flat Petey, vowing to get him even if it was the last thing he will do. Dog Man and his friends follow the evil fish and Petey's paper clone up the snowy mountain in their police car, which luckily had snow tires for this occasion.

Soon, Dog Man and the others reach the top of the mountain. Flippy is already there in his freezing fish tank, as well as the Treasure tank 2000 with Boog E. Feeva and Flat Petey. Flat Petey had been waiting for them and says to the others that they missed all the fun. Flat Petey then taunts Flippy for being "so excited, he forgot all about how water freezes up here!" and laughs as the evil fish is freezing from the cold. Dr. Boog E. Feeva claims that they won, only for Flat Petey to get mad and saying that he did all the work. Seeing that the witch doctor is no longer useful to him, Flat Petey kicks Boog. E Feeva off the Treasure Tank 2000. As the witch doctor bumps on the ground, his belongings fall out of his bag. Flippy notices the book "Body Snatching For Dummies" and uses his last bit of mind power to speed-read the entire book. Discovering how he could live forever, Flippy calms his mind and concentrates as hard as he could. Soon, Flippy's soul abandons his body (which was now completely frozen dead) and transforms into pure energy. He plans to possess Chief's body (before his soul melts in 2 minutes if he doesn't possess someone soon) and chases after the Chief. However, he let one thing slip out of his mouth: he is a ball of pure energy. Because Dog Man loves playing with balls, he runs after Flippy's soul and catches it in his mouth before it barely touched Chief. Flippy's soul yells at Dog Man to let him go, but Dog Man doesn't listen and continues swinging it in his mouth. Soon, Flippy's soul begins to melt until it was no more, killing both Flippy's body and soul. Chief thanks Dog Man for his bravery and for saving him.

Chapter 10: An Ice Ending

Flippy is defeated, but Dog Man and his friends have yet to take down Flat Petey. Before they could arrest him, however, the paper villain drives his Treasure Tank 2000 over the police car, completely flattening it. With their only transport from the mountain destroyed, Chief wants to know now how they can get off the mountain. Flat Petey claims that they aren't and that they will freeze to their deaths, like Flippy before them. Deeming that he has won (because due to being paper, he will not freeze from the cold), Flat Petey asks the heroes if they had any last words. Dog Man responds by licking Petey's paper clone, getting him wet and freezing him immediately (because wet paper freezes fast from the cold). Dog Man, Chief, Sarah, and Zuzu, and Boog E. Feeva use Flat Petey's frozen body to sled down the mountain, laughing all the way, until they reached the city.

Dr. Boog E. Feeva is freed from his obey spray and is glad he doesn't have to obey anybody anymore. Before the heroes could celebrate but Flat Petey recovers and angrily yells at them for freezing him and using him as a snowboard and freezing this paper dude, which caused him to get scratched up. Dr. Boog E. Feeva then asks Flat Petey if he has ever played Rock, Paper, Scissors; Flat Petey answers that he knows the game and asks what the witch doctor meant. Boog E. Feeva then takes out a pair of scissors and his living spray can, sprays the scissors with the living spray can (bringing the scissors to life), and answers that scissors always beats paper.

After almost being cut to pieces by the living scissors, Flat Petey runs out of the city into the sunset, with the witch doctor and his living scissors behind his tail. Sarah and Chief then cheer for Dog Man.


Sarah says to Dog Man and Chief that she and Zuzu are going to write a news story about their adventure and they leave. As Dog Man and Chief walk home, Chief says that while there was nothing new today, it was the best birthday he ever had.


  • When Flippy's soul melts in Dog Man's mouth, he screams in a similar way the Wicked Witch of the West does in the Wizard of Oz after she is splashed with water by Dorothy.
  • The original book cover was going to be purple. It was then changed to green.

Bonus Comic: Dog Man And The Wrath of Petey

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From Dav Pilkey, the creator of Captain Underpants, Dog Man is back! Part dog, part man, and all hero! Join the canine crime-biter as he picks a bone with a terrifiying T-Rex, sniffs out a stranger with mysterious mind powers, and once again battles his ferocious feline foe, Petey the world's most evil cat! Can the heroic hound save the city in time? Find out in Dog Man: Unleashed! Read all the Dog Man books today! You'll howl with laughter!

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