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Is Dog Man bad to the bone?

–Blurb of Brawl of the Wild

Dog Man Brawl of the Wild is the 6th book in the Dog Man series. It was released December 24, 2018. It was written and illustrated by Dav Pilkey and the title of this book is based The Call of the Wild by Jack London.


Is Dog Man bad to the bone? The heroic hound is sent to the pound for a crime he didn't commit! While his pals work to prove his innocence, Dog Man struggles to find his place among dogs and people. Being a part of both worlds, will he ever fully fit in with one?


Chapter 1: Two Messages

Dog Man and Chief are sleeping in the police station, when a delivery man comes in with a special delivery for Chief. Dog Man rips the bottom of the letter, while Chief reads that Yolay Caprese has sent him tickets to the red carpet premiere of Dog Man: The Major Motion Picture. Chief looks for the tickets, but finds out Dog Man has ate them. Chief chases after him, screaming "DOG MAN!" Meanwhile, at Cat Jail, Petey is making a Good Chart, and has been good for sixteen minutes. Big Jim annoys him, causing Petey to lose his temper. Big Jim runs away crying, while Petey rips up his Good Chart. Petey texts Li'l Petey that he can't be good, and Li'l Petey would be better without him.

Chapter 2: The Sad Guys

Li'l Petey has made adjustments to his Kitty Scooter, making it a Cat Hog. Soon he discovers Petey's text message, and asks 80-HD to take him to Cat Jail in order to visit him. Meanwhile, Chief calls Yolay to get new tickets for the movie. After his call, Chief tells Dog Man it's made in claymation, and he'll teach him about it. Chief makes a little clay figure, but it keeps on disappearing, making Chief make a new one every time. Meanwhile, Petey is working on a new invention called the RoboBee. Li'l Petey arrives and asks him what's wrong. Petey says that he's bad, and it's pointless to change. Li'l Petey tries to help him, but Petey orders 80-HD to take him home. Back at the police station, Chief tries to show Dog Man how to do claymation for the eleventh time. Chief takes a picture and discovers that Dog Man has been eating the clay figures. Chief gets mad, and Dog Man barfs out clay on Chief. Chief orders Dog Man out, and runs into Li'l Petey and 80-HD. Dog Man tells Li'l Petey how he had a bad day, and Li'l Petey exclaims "At least things can't get any worse!"

Chapter 3: Things Get Worse!

The FLEAS (Piggy, Crunky, and Bub) are walking on the sidewalk, searching for the shrink ray that made them small. They soon find it, and walk over to Petey's robot from book 5. The FLEAS shrink the robot, and Piggy climbs on evilly. The next morning, Li'l Petey, 80-HD, and Dog Man find 1 million dollars and 91 cents in their house. At first they think it's the tooth fairy, but they soon realized that none of them have lost a tooth, and decide to bring the money to the cops. Meanwhile, Sarah Hatoff reports that a bank was robbed last night, and the Mean Officers say they know who did it. At the same time, Li'l Petey comes in with the robbed money, and the cops arrest Dog Man with so-called "evidence". Li'l Petey and Sarah know he is innocent, but they need to find another way...

Chapter 4: A Buncha Stuff That Happened Next

Dog Man is put in a cage by the court house, and the Mean Officers called him a misfit for being too much of a dog than a man. Dog Man is desperate, and attempts to escape by digging out near Gassy Behemoth Studios. But Dog Man wants to be honest, so he crawls back into the cage. Chief arrives to comfort Dog Man and says everything will be okay. The judge declares Dog Man guilty, and sentences him to 14 dog years in Dog Jail. With that, Dog Man is taken off to prison. Meanwhile, Sarah, Zuzu, 80-HD, and Li'l Petey arrive at Dog Man's house and check the security cameras. The cameras revealed that someone dressed up as Dog Man and put the stolen money in the house. They decide to help Dog Man out, then help cheer up Petey. At Gassy Behemoth Studios, Yolay Caprese arrives, while the Guard finds Dog Man's hole. The Guard starts shouting mean things down the hole at Dog Man and Yolay Caprese kicks him into the hole. Meanwhile, Sarah, Zuzu, 80-HD and Li'l Petey are trying to convince the Judge to let him go, but the Judge refuses to look at the evidence. However, the Judge wasn't being careful and falls into Dog Man's hole, knocking the Guard back in. Sarah then greets Yolay Caprese.

Chapter 5: Dog Jail Blues

Meanwhile, Our hero, Dog Man is being drove up to Dog Jail (Note: this is similar to cat jail but for dogs) and the warden removes Dog man’s collar. The other dogs in this jail growl at Dog Man for being half dog half man. The warden laughs and said, he be picked up after to tie him up to his dogsled. meanwhile lil Petey, Sarah hatoff, 80-hd and Zuzu spilt into 2 teams. The girl runs off to catch the crook while lil Petey and 80-hd haves a plan and goes off to do it. Meanwhile, Petey is sad and looking at two things, a picture of his son and his evil plan. And Petey noticed his son is here. Petey is frustrated because of the "flawless" blueprints for his robotic bumblebee. Lil Petey tells him about the mistakes he made when making it. Then Lil Petey tells him a joke about diarrhea. Petey tells him that it was a riddle rather than a joke and it wasn't funny. Meanwhile, Dog Man feels sad and lonely, without his friends. Until, the Bad warden takes him to his dogsled and tells Dog Man his sneaky plan(to sell the dog poo as fertiliser to a factory and selfishly keep all the money for himself). While Dog Man ran, he thought of the mean things that the bully cops and the Dog Jail warden said to him.

Chapter 6: Even More Stuff Happens!

Meanwhile, at the police station, Chief is feeling sad because Dog Man was jailed, until 80-HD comes in and wants him to save dog man, from dog jail. But chief does not understand him. So 80-hd draws a comic book for chief to understand the plan. And Chief says that, though it's illegal, they'll do it anyways. Meanwhile at cat jail, Lil Petey tells another joke. But Petey says no and lil Petey tells him anyway. Meanwhile at the hole, the the guard and the judge escaped from the hole but Dippy, who was carrying a sign, bonks them back to the hole.

Chapter 7: Girl Power!

Sarah, Yolay and Zuzu are at a seedy side of the city. Sarah’s investigative reporting skills led them to the seedy side of the city and Zuzu’s sniffing skills is paying off too. Yolay tires her skill, ‘’people skills,’’ and a man Yolay nicknamed Booger Breath, is angry to see Yolay. But Yolay fights him and booger breath tells them where the fake Dog Man went and runs away from Yolay, crying. Sarah is surprised.

Chapter 8: Help is on the Way

Back at dog jail, 80-HD and chief find that the dog jail is closed. But they follow dogsled tracks. Meanwhile, at cat jail, Lil Petey had just finished helping his papa create the RoboBee and tells him another joke, making Petey angry. Meanwhile, Chief and 80-HD finally find Dog Man, but the evil warden tells them its too late to save him because Dog Man's spirit is broken. And then he laughs about the other dogs growling at dog man for looking different, making the other dogs feels bad for hurting dog man’s feelings. While the warden was laughing, 80-HD uses his two claws and snaps the collar. The warden slides down the mountain on the dogsled, which destroys Dog Jail. But, Our hero is still sad and 80-HD tried to cheer him up by giving him his favourite treats, and then showing him the cute little squirrel, which is probably Dog Man's favourite book. But Dog Man still looked sad so 80-HD tries to get chief down from his helicopter and dog man jumps on him and is very happy to see chief. It worked. Chief was angry at first, but reassured Dog Man that they were going home. But Dog Man wants to take the other dogs with them, though Chief refused. So 80-HD sneezed all the other dogs’ jail shirts off and they are free like dog man! And they go to the Cinema to watch the new Dog Man movie.

Chapter 9: Dog Man: The Major Motion Picture

Meanwhile, Sarah, Yolay and Zuzu found the living spary factory and Dog Man's crazy impostor. They found out that it was the Fleas in a robot suit from the last book. The fleas tried to turn a car supa evil using living spray, but Zuzu stole the living spray and runs to the Cinema. The fleas go and catch her, so Yolay and Sarah run to save Zuzu. They eventually reach the cinema. When the guard and judge climbed out of the hole, the fleas knocked them back in. Chief and the other dogs go down the stairs to watch the new dog man movie while Sarah and Yolay run up the stairs save Zuzu and fights the evil fleas. Chief offers them popcorn, and Sarah show Chief they caught the fleas but they disappeared. The fleas sprayed the screen and Claymation Philly came to life and attacked the Cinema. Meanwhile at cat jail, Lil Petey wanted to save dog man. And Petey says no and he tells him all the stuff, he does. but then Petey known that he was tricked. And lil Petey tells him about Petey told him.

Chapter 10: The Great Cat's Bee

Sarah reports about everything going on at the cinema. So Lil Petey and Petey ride the RoboBee to the theater, where they notice Chief being grabbed by Claymation Philly. So Petey zaps Claymation Philly's leg using the RoboBee in order to save Chief. However, Claymation Philly notices the RoboBee and grabs it, along with Petey and Lil Petey. But they get saved by 80-HD. They celebrated on the roof on the cinema just when Yolay and Sarah spotted them. They told them that there were still a lot of people trapped in the theater, and that the clay monster was molto arrabiato(Italian for totally cheesed off). Lil Petey replies: "This looks like a job for the Supa Buddies!" And so 80-HD becomes Lightning Dude, Dog Man becomes The Bark Knight, and Lil Petey becomes Cat Kid. Cat Kid slices off Claymation Philly's other arm with ease. But then the clay monster gets supa angry and chases The Bark Knight and Cat Kid. Dog man hides lil Petey under a bucket and follows the clay monster into the cave. Lil Petey was sad because he though Dog Man was eaten. He cries while 80-HD cleared the boulders from the cave. It turns out that Dog Man ate Claymation Philly and was going to hurl. So they carry Dog Man by his legs so he can barf on top of the theater in order to put out the fire. Everybody was soaked except Sarah, who held her umbrella. Meanwhile, the dogs from Dog Jail saved Dippy and together pulled her out of the theater. But the judge and the guard got out of the hole. They told the heroes that they were going to jail. Luckily, they were bonked back in because the warden and his dogsled crashed into them. The warden not only also falls into the hole, but the dog poo got emptied in too.

Chapter 11: March of the Misfits

Lil Petey asked why Dog Man was sad. Chief told him it was because he was called a misfit. Sarah told Dog Man not to feel sad, for she also feels like a misfit. Chief replied that he feels like a misfit every day too. Zuzu and 80-HD said(not in English) that they were also misfits. Yolay explained that she only pretends to be perfect, but deep down inside she was a weirdo. Later, they took Petey back to Cat Jail. Lil Petey asks him if he is a misfit too. Petey tells him that he was the biggest misfit he ever met. "Sweeeeet!" Lil Petey said.



Behind the Scenes


  • In this book, Dog Man is an inmate.
  • The original book is The Call of the Wild by Jack London.
  • Piggy is a spoof on Harry Potter and Piggy from Lord of the Flies.
  • In the end of the book, it is revealed that Sarah Hatoff has a news blog.
  • Batman is mentioned by Li' Petey.
  • Running Gag: Li'l Petey's diarrhea jokes.
  • The Great Cat’s Bee is a reference to “The Great Gatsby”
  • This book is a continuation to Lord of the FLEAS, as there are numerous references, and The F.L.E.A.S. and the central villains.
  • This is the final book to include George and Harold's new teacher, ever since then she haven't appeared in any of the newer books .
  • When Dog Man meets his Inmate dogs they are shown playing poker similar to Dogs Playing Poker by Coolige.

Trailer description

Dav Pilkey's Dog Man is back! Part dog, part man, all hero! This time the heroic hound is framed by the frightful F.L.E.A.S.! It's up to Li'l Petey and friends to free him from the pound. But will the tiny tyrants and their clay creation stand in the Supa Buddies way? Or will Petey the world's most evil cat, finally learn to be good?