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It's double trouble for Dog Man!

–-Blurb of "Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties"

Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties is the third book in the Dog Man franchise. The release date was August 29, 2017. It was written and illustrated by Dav Pilkey and colored by Jose Garibaldi. It is based off "A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens.


He was the best of dogs... He was the worst of dogs... It was the age of invention... It was the season of surprise... It was the eve of supa sadness... It was the dawn of hope... Dog Man hasn't always been a paws-itive addition to the police force. While he can muzzle miscreants, he tends to leave a slick of slobber in his wake! This time, Petey the Cat's dragged in a tiny bit of trouble -- a double in the form of a kitten clone. Dog Man will have to work twice as hard to bust these furballs and remain top dog!!



Chapter 1: Recalled to Duty

Chief comes in with a newspaper with good news. He tries to show it to Dog Man, who was eating one stand of Chief's chair, and when he hears Chief calling him, he jumps around him like usual. Chief got Dog Man to stop, and when he read the newspaper with them in it, he finds out that the scientists will study Flippy's brain, he puts Dog Man in charge of security, Maude is nervous because Dog Man likes to roll around in dead fish (And Flippy is dead). But Chief tells her that Dog Man is a good doggy, and suddenly Chief falls over on the chewed-up chair.

Chapter 2: You've Gotta Be Kitten Me!

Big Jim was roaming around the jail giving balloons, and tries to get Petey to have one, but he pops it making Big Jim cry. Petey then regrets it and tricks Big Jim to help him escape by saying he has a gift for him. Once done, he goes to his lab and finds it as a toxic waste. He wants to get a new butler, by cloning himself. He buys a cloning machine. 2 to 3 days, he gets the package. He does all the steps. But he got a kitten version of him instead. He checks and he realizes that he has to wait 18 years for the clone's adulthood and Petey is upset and wants his whiskers back, and his refund and his life back.

Chapter 3: The Six Thousand Dollar Fish

Dr. Dookie is interviewed by Sarah Hatoff about Flippy. He claims that after they dug him up the mountain, he was still preserved in ice, and Dog Man brings him out of the aquarium. But it must've gone too far, because Dog Man rolled around on Flippy's dead body. Dr. Dookie lost his temper until his assistant told him to turn him into a robot. He then made it official.

Soon at the lab, they did his assistant's idea, and moreover it was a good thing Flippy was dead. They then leave Dog Man with the bionic dead Flippy. But when they slammed the door, these happened:

  • The lamp fell,
  • It landed on the table,
  • Flippy's robotic corpse went flying out of the lab,
  • Dog Man tries to use the seesaw to catch it,
  • But when he did, a bird caught it,
  • Dog Man left to the cops station, bugged by two officers(The Mean Officers),
  • The bird passed by smoke, coughing,
  • Which made Flippy fall out,
  • And fell straight into the Living Spray Factory.

Chapter 4: No More Kitten Around!

Petey walks with new test tubes when he trips on his kitten clone. The kitten clone asks "Why?" over and over until Petey got irritated and told him it is lunch time. Once he reached for the food, it boomeranged back to Petey, making him laugh.

It turned into something worse. Petey ordered his clone to make him coffee, but after tasting it, he explained he used the fly swatter to do it.

Enraged, Petey plots to sell his clone for free, which he tells him it's pretend.

Soon, Dippy comes and asks how much he costs. Petey says, "A dollar!" While Dippy said she earned more than it. Petey changes his mind on the price and soon she asks for his name. Petey says he doesn't have one, but the kitten clone says he has one: Li'l Petey. Petey says not to listen to him. She calls him "Snowball", while he called her "Poo-poo head." Dippy is enraged and leaves. Soon Li'l Petey says he wants to go to the potty, but Petey tells him to hold it. While he was blabbing away, Li'l Petey runs to the potty. Petey notices this, and leaves the crate.

Li'l Petey found it out and shouted for him. Nothing happened. Sadly, Li'l Petey drags the crate as he sings a song about hardness. He stops at a building and doses off. But what he didn't know was he will meet a new friend.

Chapter 5: Crate Expectations

Back at his lab, Petey regrets leaving Li'l Petey alone so he tries to find him, but nothing happened. He returns to his lab, seeing the book Li'l Petey made for him. After reading he sobs, "What Have I Done?"

Soon at the living spray factory, the workers find the building shaking. They go to the smokestack filter to see if anything was in it. And they got the dead Flippy in their hands.

And at the police station, Chief finds Dog Man sleeping in the back of the plastic plant. He gets his attention, but Dog Man just wakes up and prances around him. He gets him to stop, and as he was leaving, he saw Li'l Petey in his crate, and tells Dog Man to get rid of him.

They flee to a coffee shop and meet a couple with pink hair. They want to buy him, but they even wanted to dye him pink. So Dog Man growls at them. Then came a father and his son. The father tells his son if they would adopt him, he should be declawed. Dog Man wasn't happy and growls. Soon came an elderly lady, who wanted to fit Li'l Petey with her 29 other cats. Dog Man growls four times in a row.

However, the coffee shop closed and so did the lamp shade, with the duo worried, so Dog Man takes him to his house (which was big inside, as Li'l Petey remarked) and it was already 2 am. They arrive at the bedroom, and after he found out Li'l Petey loved it more on his bed, Dog Man destroys it, pushes the cotton into the crate, and changes the Free Kitty sign into Sleepy Kitty. Then he got him prepared for bed and kisses him a good night's sleep.

Chapter 6: A Buncha Stuff That Happened Next

Petey finished creating his 80-Hexotron-Droidformigon. He tells him to scan the book Li'l Petey made. Once the processing finished, he told him to go find him. Soon, the two went to the thick colony of trees until they reached Dog Man's house. He uses his extendable arms to catch him, making Petey happy. They run back to the lab, and then Li'l Petey wakes up. He tells him how Dog Man defended him from the five nosy people for two solid hours and soon Petey told him to shut up. But then Li'l Petey started barking until via puppet show, he told the "true" story of him and Dog Man. When Petey portrayed as himself, Li'l Petey wanted to see the Dog Man puppet. But Petey said he is dumb while he's a genius. That's when Li'l Petey slept tucked with the Dog Man puppet.

Back at his house, Dog Man notices this. He goes around looking for him. Until his phone rang with Sarah answering. Dog Man barks on the phone. Sarah thinks Dog Man's having a problem, so she and Zuzu came there, and Dog Man drew a poster with Li'l Petey in it. Engraved are the words, "Missing! If found call cops!" Sarah then said they should go photocopy it and spread it around the city.

While the workers threw the dead Flippy in the trash can, but it slipped through the living spray tank. Horrified, they run away.

Chapter 7: Recalled to Life

Dawn came at last, and Petey woke Li'l Petey to show off his 80-Hexotron Droidformigon, which he calls 80-HD for short. He said he can do evil things, but Li'l Petey asked if he can play duck-duck-goose. Petey remarks that he is his clone and he will turn out like him. He even told him he will obey everything he tells him. But all he made him do were the fun stuff.

Meanwhile, Flippy is brought back to life, stunned by his bionic parts. As he gets out of the factory, it came to life. He called it a Beasty Building, and told him to make every building like him. And soon, an army of Beasty Buildings ensued, controlled by Flippy's mind powers.

Back at Petey's Secret Lab, he was annoyed of Li'l Petey and 80-HD's behavior. He tells 80-HD to open up, but he remembered Li'l Petey is supposed to do that. Once he does it, he becomes an extension of 80-HD. And as that started, he drove Petey CRAZY.

Soon, Chief told Dog Man, Sarah, and Zuzu that the Beasty Buildings are attacking the city. He says they should run, but Sarah says they should fight. And that's what they did. Petey and Li'l Petey here this and watch it unfold at the roof. With binoculars, he saw Dog Man in trouble. He says he'll save him, but Petey tries to remind him they are the antagonists.

Chapter 8: The French Dressing Revolution

Flippy is enraged that Dog Man's gang had defeated half of the Beasty Buildings, so he tells this to the others and said they should get revenge.

Moreover, the truck ran out of French salad dressing. And a Beasty Building lifted the truck, ready to eat Dog Man and Zuzu alive. Soon a thing zipped into it, splitting the monster in two. And the head part with the truck started falling. It crashed to the ground, with Sarah and Chief mourning. But it was just Li'l Petey who saved them. They were happy, but they still had to deal with the other Beasty Buildings.

Chapter 9: Big Fight!

Li'l Petey fights the Beasty Buildings for his friends, outnumbering them all. But there was a catch. Flippy lifted him up and tossed him away. Petey notices this, and they all run to see it. They then landed CRASH! on the ground. Li'l Petey was alive, but 80-HD got broken. He says he can be repaired. The others notice it, and tell them that Flippy is on his way. To prevent Li'l Petey from harm, he sacrifices himself telling the others to run. Flippy notices this. He lifts him up with his powers, saying, "It's time to DIE!"

Meanwhile, the gang returned to where Chief parked his car. They all hid inside an art supplies shop, with Dog Man and Li'l Petey staring at the window. Chief and Sarah think there's nothing they could do. But Li'l Petey had an idea. He grabbed papers, a pencil, and crayons and starts drawing.

Flippy found an idea to destroy the "robo- cat." By putting him in a volcano. And once it will be done, Dog Man and his friends are next in line.

Back at the art shop. Li'l Petey finished the book and unwittingly hijacked Chief's car. He tells Dog Man to chase him, but running wasn't enough. He decided to stop at Steve's Choppers and Hang Gliders, which had free test drives for the week. Dog Man chose both the chopper and hang glider.

Meanwhile Li'l Petey arrived the scene and asks Flippy why he's doing evil stuff. He said that no one liked him back when he was a fish. He cheered him up with the book he made, but his powers got weaker. Petey thinks he is to die, but Dog Man saves him, only to arrest him for the time, with 80-HD falling out of the volcano.

Chapter 10: Three Endings

The First Ending: Flippy's Story

Everyone cheered for Dog Man, while Petey said, "Phooey!" Soon Sarah told Flippy she will call the cops on him. But he before he gets arrested, he asks Li'l Petey if he can borrow the book he made. Li'l Petey said he can keep it, and they can be pen pals, making Flippy convinced. And two weeks later, he receives a new book called "Flippy and me meet Mr. Bug".

The Second Ending: Petey's Story

Back in the present, Chief tells Petey he's going to jail after escaping in page 27. He tells Li'l Petey he's going to live with Dog Man temporarily, and tells him to be himself. As they walk to jail, Petey tells Chief he will be good, making him happy, they stop at a post, and hug there. However, it was a trick. Petey handcuffed Chief with it, and when he realized he got tricked, he yelled at the top of his lungs, "PETEY!!!"

The Third Ending: Li'l Petey's Story

Dog Man and Li'l Petey gather all of 80-HD's pieces and tells Dog Man he'll rebuild him as they get home. But they reached bedtime, so he decides to move it the next morning. Once Li'l Petey is done bathing, he reads him a bedtime story about a squirrel, Dog Man growls as he reads, and Li'l Petey does the same. And they growl all night as they read the story, and with two cops calling from afar.


  • The title of the book was based on the title of the book " A Tale of Two Cities" by the late Charles Dickens.
  • This book came out as when Captain Underpants and the Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie Woman was in full color.
  • Petey says the two lines Sydney Carton does in A Tale of Two Cities.
    • In page 197 he says, "It's a far, far better thing that I do, than I've ever done."
    • In Page 215, he says, "It's a far, far, better rest that I go to, than I've ever known!"
  • Irony: Petey helping Dog Man's team.
  • Running Gag: Li'l Petey saying, "Why?" almost every time in the book.
  • Lil Petey explains about Dog Man from panel 3 on page 114 all the way to panel 2 on page 117.
  • The majority of its book's storyline, along with the first 2 Dog Man books (in short) has also been based for the musical.
  • This is the first book to have the title based off a classic, old novel.



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From Dav Pilkey, the creator of Captain Underpants, Dog Man is back! Part dog, part man, and all hero! This time, Dog Man faces a cute kitten clone and his cunniving creator, Petey, the world's most evil cat! Will it be double trouble for Dog Man? Or will Li'l Petey surprise the heroic hound as they battle the bionic Flippy and his Beasty Buildings? Find out in Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties! You'll howl with laughter!

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