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–Dog Man telling Sarah Hatoff that Lil' Petey is missing

Officer "Greg" Knight (aka Dog Man) is the main protagonist & titular character of the Dog Man series and is widely considered as the world's greatest cop. Dog Man cannot talk, but he can use hand symbols like 80-HD is able to.

Official Description

(Can only be found in Mothering Heights)

He has the head of a Dog, The body of a man, and the heart of a hero!!! He is employed as a cop, and is occupied at home with the creativity of Lil' Petey and 80-HD.


  • Kindness


  • Easily distracted


Being Greg the Dog with Officer Knight's body from the neck down, his personality is that of Greg's. Dog Man is very playful and likes to greet visitors with a friendly lick and jump like he does to Chief. Even though chief hates it. But when trouble arises, Dog Man acts seriously, just like Officer Knight did. He always gets the job done, no matter what it takes. He is also very cheerful and happy when nothing bad is happening in the city. He is loving and caring to everyone, especially Li'l Petey, whom he adopted. He also cares for Petey at times when he is not acting cunning and evil, such as in the 5th Dog Man book, Dog Man: Lord of the FLEAS. He is mute, although he can still bark, growl, et cetera, like a dog, most likely because he has Greg's head. He is not an anthropomorphic dog; there aren't any anthropomorphic dogs in the series either.


The Wrath of Petey


One day, due to his stinky nature, a cop tells Dog Man that he needs a bath. Dog Man then runs away, due to the fact that he hates baths. The cops search all over the city, but Dog Man is nowhere to be seen. Dog Man in hiding, discovers that Petey had escaped, which made him feel guilty. Dog Man searched for Petey and found his hideout. But Petey had been waiting with a hose, and said, "it's bath time!" Dog Man dug a hole to get away from him, but Petey just followed him anyways. Dog Man dug under the zoo, and came up to the skunk cage. The skunks sprayed on him, and Dog Man ran away, and Petey hates the smell, holds his nose, and runs away in disgust. Petey gets caught in a cop's net and goes to jail. Dog Man takes a bath and is clean for the first time.

The Tongue of Justice


Dog Man accidentally barfs on Chief's chair, causing him to get angry. He tells Dog Man to "straighten up or else." Then, Petey escapes and creates an evil air freshener and puts in the cop's cars, and they all become mindless zombies. Dog Man, however, liked to put his head out the window, so he never smelled it. Dog Man chases Petey into his lab, and spots the toilet. Dog Man drinks the toilet water and comes upstairs, surrounded by Petey and his zombies. Petey says he has his antidote, but he hid it in his toilet bowl. Dog Man realizes that he drank the antidote the whole time, so he barfs up all of the liquid, the cops are no longer zombies, and Petey is put back into Cat Jail.

Justin Case

He appears in Justin Case (comic) while digging a hole in front of the hospital which a hospital worker and Green Man fall in.


  • His full name is Gregory "Greg" Knight, according to a fan's answered question on Instagram.
  • He used to love chasing balls, but after his therapy session with Li'l Petey and 80-HD in Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls he becomes scared of them.
  • Aside from that, he also does not like to take baths as shown in Dog Man and the Wrath of Petey and Dog Man: For Whom The Ball Rolls.
  • He likes squirrels but is easily distracted by them.
  • Coloring page

    Dog Man is an amalgamation of both Greg the Dog and Officer Knight. As such, he still has all of Greg's memories and personality, as well as some shared traits with Officer Knight, such as his kung-fu skills.
  • Dog man a tale of two kitties.jpg

    Dog Man as an animation

    He's the 2nd most-loved character, just behind Li'l Petey.
  • In Mothering Heights, he gets a new robot suit and an umbrella for a weapon.
  • Recently, he's been a secondary character, as the series shifted to focus on Petey and his son & his journey to become a better person.
  • Dog Man is played by the following: Brian Owen (Broadway), Michael Doliner and Brandon Butorovich (Tour) in the musical.
  • His prototype design looked like a caped dog. He was later changed to what he looks like today.
  • Despite being the main character, he isn't the first original character, Petey is.
  • He loves drinking water from the toilet, but in Mothering Heights it got him injured.

    Dog Man plush

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  • Petey: They used to be enemies, but after his redemption in Lord Of The Fleas, he started to accept him. Once in For Whom the Ball Rolls, he licked him when he arrived to take Li'l Petey. Moreover, Petey teaches Dog Man how to act like a cat in Grime and Punishment, as they now have a positive relationship.
  • Li'l Petey: They have a strong relationship. Dog Man adopted him for a while before Li'l Petey and Petey became a family.
  • 80-HD: They are best buddies, and for some instances, love Li'l Petey as much as Petey does.
  • Chief: Every time he sees him, he prances around him. Even though Dog Man can be annoying, Chief is still a good friend of him.
  • Zuzu: Dog Man once sniffed her butt, annoying her. They are still friends anyway and now help each other.
  • Sarah: In Dog Man Unleashed, it was revealed that she is his biggest fan. In A Tale of Two Kitties and Dog Man and Cat Kid, she would help him find Li'l Petey whenever he was missing.

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