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The Dog Jail Warden is a minor antagonist in Dog Man: Brawl of the Wild.

He is fat, wears a blue police uniform and has a butt chin on his face like Ding-Dong Magoo.

He is very mean to Dog Man saying that he's too much of a man and laughs when all the other dog prisoners growl at Dog Man, and he is known to be very greedy as well, as he chains the dog prisoner's (including Dog Man) necks into a dogsled (with dog poop) to pull it up the mountain to the fertilizer factory at the top, and he's going to sell it and get his money. But while they were halfway up there, his plan failed when 80-HD and Chief arrives to save Dog Man. The Dog Jail Warden was the second character in this book to call Dog Man a misfit. The Warden talked about how the dog prisoners growled at him laughed again, but then 80-HD saves the day unchaining Dog Man, making the Jail Warden slide down, destroying the dog jail and bumping the Guard and the Judge back into their hole where they belong, now with Dog poo poured on them. It is unknown what happened to the Jail Warden.