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Cat Kid Comic Club: On Purpose is the third book in the Cat Kid Comic Club series, it was released on April 12, 2022. The book was written and illustrated by Dav Pilkey, with coloring by Jose Garibaldi.

The title of the book was announced on December 2, 2021 and the cover was later shown on January 26, 2022.


Tentative Synopsis

The newest graphic novel in the groundbreaking, worldwide bestselling series by Dav Pilkey, the author and illustrator of Dog Man!

The Cat Kid Comic Club is back in session again with a brand-new creative and funny graphic novel!


The Cat Kid Comic Club is deep in discovery in the newest graphic novel in the hilarious and heartwarming worldwide bestselling series by Dav Pilkey, the author and illustrator of Dog Man.

The Comic Club is going in all different directions! Naomi, Melvin, and siblings are each trying to find their purpose. Naomi has an idea to get rich quick that causes a lot of commotion and emotion. And when faced with rejections, the friends try and try again to stay true to their vision. To top it off, a surprise visitor comes to class to stir things up. Will a desire for money and power cloud Naomi's purpose? Is it quitting time? Will the club ever be the same?

The hilarity is nonstop as the baby frogs navigate sibling relationships, follow their path, and create art — with purpose! Featured as stories-within-the-story, the mini comics showcase each baby frog's perspective and individual art style.

In this groundbreaking graphic novel series, award-winning author and illustrator Dav Pilkey uses a variety of techniques — including acrylic paints, colored pencils, photography, collage, gouache, watercolors, and much more — to illustrate each frog's creative purpose and encourage teamwork. The kaleidoscope of art styles, paired with Pilkey's trademark storytelling and humor, fosters creativity, collaboration, independence, and empathy. Readers of all ages will enjoy this fun, exciting, and purposeful graphic novel adventure.


Chapter 1: Weekend Woes

One Sunday, Melvin The Frog asks his Daddy if the publisher lady writes back. Unfortunately she doesn’t write back. Melvin goes outside where his sister, Naomi is writing a list of stuff to buy when she becomes a millionaire. However Flippy tells them their book might not get published, and even it does he doesn’t want them buying silly stuff, and any money they earn is going to their college fund. Then Naomi told Flippy she doesn’t want to go to college. Flippy says it would pay for Melvin’s and for anyone who wants to go. Then Naomi gets mad, and says that she wants to go to college.

Chapter 2: Bedtime Worries

That Night, The Baby Frogs keep saying I Love You several times to Flippy. If they continue this, he would play the Ethel Merman Disco Album for whole time if they don’t go to bed. Naomi thinks her book is not going to be published when she's rich and won't work hard. However Flippy says she want to move hard to get rich so she won't work hard.

Chapter 3: The Big Surprise

The following Monday, the Cat Kid Comic Club began their third week. Melvin introduces to Naomi's telling that her comic going to be published but still, the publisher lady didn't responded yet. So she starts telling about her comic story.

Comic 1: The Under Werewolves

Lou and Rose didn't wear clothes. Their Grandma picked their underwear and their joy began as they went to a Monster Fashion Show. The three were watching Vampire Joe, Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein and the Mummy fighting and they had to stop by having fun with their underwear by turning into a brand new show. Lou and Rose said "Just poke your nose beneath your clothes, you'll see we're all the same!". Vampire Joe removed his suit and reveals his underwear with blue polka-dots, and they started laughing Mr. Hyde removed his pants as he wears his B.V.D.S with a baby elephant design. Frankenstein's brief is pink with roses, and the Mummy's pantyhose has dinosaurs in it. At the end, they are all dancing together.

Everyone said that Naomi's comic is awesome. Melvin said that Naomi's going to be a millionaire so she's going to buy an ice-cream machine, but is in negotiations. Kendrick asked if when will her comic be published and knew about the publisher, but Molly said that she and Li'l Petey knew from their friend, Sarah Hatoff. Li'l Petey announces a big surprise, when Molly interrupted that Sarah is coming tomorrow. They were surprised by the announcement, but Li'l Petey told Molly that it was supposed to be a surprise and she apologized. Drake asked if they're going to be on TV, feeling famous, and Li'l Petey agreed. Flippy reminded them to be on their best behavior. But Melvin said that Naomi's going to be an author and illustrator because she wrote and drew her comic and she had to show her revelation.

Chapter 4: Naomi's Revelation

Naomi became showing everyone to draw a werewolf. After showing them the Baby Frogs learn how to draw. Flippy says that Naomi’s purpose is be a teacher. Naomi asked do teachers make a lot of money. However Flippy says not usually But Naomi interrupts him by saying Pass!

Chapter 5: She Writes Back

The following day the baby frogs listen to flippy about the big news sarah is going to be here soon so flippy tells the frogs to be on their best behavior the frogs then get bored and then Melvin tries to see what Flippy's phone has said so he gets out of his seat and was shocked to see that the publish lady has Finally wrote back. but then Naomi and Melvin fight for the phone and then the phone cracks and all the frogs are shocked by Naomi and Melvin's bad behavior so then the publish lady rejected the book and Naomi tears her new comic into pieces and then Naomi says she quits the comic club and the frogs began to cry because Naomi ruined their day by not getting them an ice cream machine or going to college.

Chapter 6: Our Worst Behavior

as flippy heads back with Sarah they are shocked to see the baby frogs crying because they cannot have an ice cream machine or go to college, so they blame Melvin and Naomi for this bad day. Flippy panics and thinks Sarah is going to leave, but to his surprise Sarah thinks its awesome because of the drama. sarah then tells the frogs that they are gonna be famous the frogs then get very happy and say.''hooray!!''

Comic 2: Supa Fail 3: Goodbye, Cruel World

Previously,in Supa Fail 2, Old lady showed Supa Fail what he did to the Polluter Computer. Supa Fail said that he will fix this problem by throwing the Nuclear Power Plant into space. But then, the sun blew up and 2 kids got angry. Now its to cold without the sun. Supa Fail needed to find a safe place to start a warm fire and then, he saw some fire wood which was actually dynamite and now the world is on fire. Supa Fail then took the moon and some water from the ocean to put out the fire and now the whole world is flooded. Supa Fail then brought some giant sponges from a girl named Young Lady. But when he left she was revealed to be old lady in disguise and the giant sponges was actually quick drying cement and now the world is as hard as rock and it cracks. The kids got mad and Supa Fail says "Sowwy".

Melvin then complains about the comic and Curly, K.T. and Kip got happy because they failed.

Chapter 8: The Time Out Rock

Poppy runs to the Time-out rock and tries to make Naomi happy, but she wants to be alone. Naomi says what happened, and tells Poppy to go away.

Chapter 9: That Night

Naomi is still angry about the comic, and tells her brothers and sisters about it. After everyone understands, Flippy gets happy because the baby frogs are being kind, but one of the baby frogs says that they can hide up a tree, and when someone walks by they spit water into its head. Flippy gets mad because he was wrong.

Chapter 10: New Day, New Comics

Comic 3: Baby Frog Squad: Transfroggers

Comic 4: Skelopup and the Happy Game

Chapter 11: Melvin's Awesome Idea

Chapter 12: New Comic, Old Problem

Comic 5: Chubbs McSpiderbutt Part 2: The Birth of Big Bubba Babyhead

Chapter 13: Just Be You

Chapter 14: A Buncha Stuff That Changed Everything

Notes and Fun Facts

  • The cover's artwork uses different art materials - cardboard, wire, crumpled construction paper, putty, acrylic paints, glue, and a small sheet of fake grass. The characters are all made of clay.
  • For Baby Frog Squad: Transfroggers, the planets are balloons airbrushed with markers and photographed in front of a light bulb. The melon-like planet is a close-up of a fruit cup's plastic lid.
  • The Baby Frog Squad's bunk beds are made from matchboxes glued to bamboo shish-kebab skewers.
  • In Chubbs McSpiderbutt 2: The Birth of Big Bubba Babyhead, Dav Pilkey took over 2,000 photographs, but only 111 were used in the entire comic.
  • Chubbs' argument in page 182 states that Spiders can produce webs from their spinnerets, located at the tips of their abdomens/butts, which is correct. Most spiders cannot shoot webs, but a few do, like for example, the Darwin's bark spider shoots a web up to 82 feet (25 meters) long.
  • Big Bubba Babyhead's Gym Shorts came from the original Big Jim action figure that came out on 1972. The toy also shares the same name of a character in the Dog Man series.
  • The Ethel Merman Disco Album actually exists. The album was released in 1979 in which Broadway singer Ethel Merman performs selected Broadway songs she starred in. In this book, the album is rarely used to frighten baby frogs.
  • Melvin's dialogue on Page 169 is based from the quote:
"Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping-stones to success."

–Dale Carnegie


  • Sarah Hatoff and Zuzu appear in this book, as teased in Cat Kid Comic Club: Perspectives.
  • The book was supposed to be released on April 5, 2022, but it was pushed back the following week, April 12, 2022.
  • The Big Bubba Babyhead returns in this book. His first appearance is on George and Harold's Introduction in Dog Man: Fetch-22.
  • At the beginning of Chapter 2, Corky and Drake are playing with Croak Toothpaste. It is a spoof of Crest Toothpaste.
  • Curly and Frida's bedrooms has posters of Commander Cupcake. One of them is used from Chapter 13 (Commander Cupcake Returns) of Dog Man: For Whom The Ball Rolls.
  • Naomi's bedroom poster, Supa Bella, is a parody of Wonder Woman. Here she is played by Yolay Caprese and directed by Samuel Hamilton in the Dog Man series.
  • In The Under Werewolves, Mr. Hyde's wears the B.V.D.S (boxer shorts), an underwear brand for men.
  • The title of Baby Frog Squad: Transfroggers is based from the Transformers franchise. Both of these has vehicles transforming into robots.
  • The introduction in Baby Frog Squad: Transfroggers were based from the opening speech of the original Star Trek TV series.
  • In Chubbs McSpiderbutt 2: The Birth of Big Bubba Babyhead, Chubbs and Jake mentioned Spider-Man while eating sushi.
  • Melvin mentioned that the published book will have 224 pages, as lampshaded that most of Dav Pilkey's books shares the same page count.  


Behind the Scenes

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