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–Big Jim, as Snug in Grime and Punishment's Snug-O-Rama

Big Jim (aka Commander Cupcake/Snug), is a character of the Dog Man series.

Official Description (can be found in mothering heights only)

Grampa's pure-hearted cellmate in Cat Jail. Sometimes he moonlights as a superhero named Commander Cupcake.



Big Jim is a cat who is currently a prisoner at cat jail, along with Petey, Mr. Whiskers, Tippy, Fluffy, and several other unnamed cats. He is also Commander Cupcake.


Big Jim often will try to make Petey and Petey's Father laugh, though he is never funny. He appears to not be very bright, doing many things that are annoying. He is also blubbery, and will burst into tears if someone yells at him.


Big Jim is a large purple cat with a round body, small head, a double chin, and striped arms/legs/tail. His normal outfit is a red tank top with a black letter J on the front and dark blue pants. As Commander Cupcake, he wears a red cape, gloves, and boots, with a white shirt with a cupcake on the front and red pants. As Snug he has his normal clothes, but ripped.


Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls

Crunky and Bub make him a cupcake superhero called Commander Cupcake. He somehow then escaped Cat Jail without any trouble and captured all of the FLEAS.

Dog Man: Fetch-22

He makes a Cupcake Command Center™, Cupcakemobile, and Cupcake Computer, but they are all fake and are made from cardboard and other materials. He gets stuck to Petey with glue, but they still rush off, stuck together. They ram into a cupcake shop and Big Jim sees a big cupcake, which was just a sign, causing them to miss meeting the team and catch Petey's Father and Foul Fair Fairy by climbing up to the big cupcake and falling on top of them.

Dog Man: Grime and Punishment

He becomes Snug, due to the effects of a device called the Motorbrain, created by Grampa. As Snug, he loves to hug Grampa. First, he sings the Itsy Bitsy Spider Song, annoying Grampa. Grampa yells at him, and he starts to cry. Grampa tells Big Jim he needs his help to test the Motorbrain. Big Jim tries it on and turns into Snug, then hugs Grampa tightly. Later, Grampa asks Snug to give back the Motorbrain. Snug does so and turns back into Big Jim. Grampa tries it on and turns into Crud. At the end of the book, Big Jim goes out looking for Grampa. Grampa kicks away the Motorbrain. Big Jim finds it and puts it on. Once again, he turns into Snug. He chases Grampa, wanting to hug him.

Dog Man: The Musical

He is played by Forest Van-Dyke.


  • Big Jim is named after a 1970s action figure of the same name.
  • Everyone in Cat Jail like Petey and his dad finds him very annoying.
  • He is in Cat Jail, but the reason is unknown. In book 5 when Petey tells Li'l Petey his story, one of the cats seen protesting against the critter scouts looks a lot like Big Jim. Some of the other cats look like cats that were in Cat Jail, too. Maybe protesting got out of hand and led to the reason why he is in jail.
  • In Grime and Punishment and Fetch-22, he leaves Cat Jail unnoticed. This also happens in For Whom the Ball Rolls.
  • He usually appears to accidentally help Petey escape jail.
  • The Cupcakemobile and Cupcake Computer are both based on the Batmobile and the Batcomputer, all spoofing Batman's belongings.
  • Based On The Book, Dog Man Fetch-22, Big Jim has a secret escape which Petey And Grandpa only know.
  • like captain underpants he is hypnotized by crunky and bub to be commender cupcake everytime he hears danger



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